TRA658 Regatta Headwind Review.

Regatta Headwind Soft Shell Jacket

There are more and more consumers are trying to find a good review of clothing online as to gauge whether it’s worth purchasing for a particular requirement. The premise of product reviews is to take the sting out of the tail so to speak and remove as much guess work and unknowns as possible, the only thing a review tends not to do is provide a sizing or fit guide. This is however just a question of seeking out the correct sizing guide which can be usually found on the website. Also it is worth while taking out a tape measure as peoples weight can and does fluctuate depending on the time of year Christmas and New Year’s being a good example.

Trousers are one of the highest returned clothing products because of this element and the belief that the wearer is still a 32 waist and not the 34 or 36 inch they actually are, I’m as guilty as the next man in this regard.

This product review will try to cover the TRA658 Regatta Headwinds applications as well as the way it fits and works in the field.The Regatta Headwind Softshell
The Headwind is classed as workwear hence it being sold on websites like ours and through the Regatta Professional stockists however like a great deal of our products it has a wider applications.
If you look at the data sheet for the TRA658 Headwind you can see from the description it is a “full stretch” softshell jacket, which means it has the lateral and collateral stretch capabilities providing little or no restriction when the wearer is working.

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The great asset of stretch provides the wearer added confidence in a truly functional sense as well as all over protection from the elements. The applications of this Regata workwear softshell Jacket are only limited by the wearer’s range of motion and the heaviest of the heaviest weather systems. The Headwind is part of the X-Pro range, which is the premium range within the Regatta stable of products and as such utilises the highest level of their innovation. The Headwind is extremely water repellent and let me state this, unless you are going out into very heaviest of rain for extended periods of time this softshell will be perfect for whatever task you need it for. 

I would say it is not the thickest workwear but it’s not meant to be, for added warmth you should look more to jackets in the workwear ranges perhaps the Evader or the Marauder maybe even the Hardwear range Generator Jacket as they have the capabilities to operate in very cold winter conditions.
The Headwind is perfect for the late winter and spring months as it provides the resolute protection from the occasional showers during those periods and has wider applications for warehouse workers or those workers who operate indoors and then out side. Mind you if you live in the UK you will be able to wear this softshell well into the summer periods as it’s certainly cold enough.
Traditionally fleece products have been used in spring and summer months but have the limitation that if exposed to wet conditions they become heavy and uncomfortable for the wearer. The new generation of softshells have the same inherent qualities of fleece jackets but with none of the drawbacks.

Workwear softshells in my opinion tend to be more durable also and less affected by warping and abrasions. This is more so in more robust workwear ranges where additional panelling and fabrics at key points increase the abrasion resistance many times. Fabrics like Cordura, Kevlar and Taslan have worked very well for many brands searching for greater toughness.
As I said at the start of the product review this jacket has wider applications beyond that of working conditions. The Headwind is classed as workwear yes and it will cope with everything you throw at it, well except fire but if you are throwing fire you really should be looking at a different website or perhaps prison.

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I digress of course but the Headwind has the styling finesse of a great winter sports softshell to wear under the main jacket and on top of a great functional base layer. The look of the Headwind will turn heads thanks to the black and orange detailing and will serve you well in terms of comfort walking to the bar and wearing it inside. The great overwhelming benefit this Regatta softshell has is the price especially when you consider the performance and the styling. The Headwind is priced under £60.00 inc VAT at the time of writing which is remarkable and offers extraordinary value for money compared with other similar specification outdoor jackets.

Of course the Headwind doesn’t just work and ski it also has a handy application on the golf course especially if you live and work in the wonderful UK where the weather is always hot and sunny and never ever rains.
Thanks to the full stretch fabric, which has some very scientific name that you can read on the product description if you wish, allows for a full and powerful swing on the course while protecting you from the showers and drizzle. To cement this fact we offered a golf society the chance to trial the Headwind and this agreed after a few beers of convincing. We gave 4 jackets to the lead of group and asked for their feedback, needless to say it was very positive and after we retrieved all the jackets back from golf bags and car boots we proposed they could buy them at a discount for bulk purchase. We sold 18 out of a possible 22 the other four were too tight to buy proper golf clubs and balls so we knew they wouldn’t anyway.

We have supplied the Headwind to colleges for their staff and the students who work in the technical areas and are therefore exposed to the weather. We have sold these workwear softshells to couriers for the same reasons as the golfers, colleges and skiers because the performance is supreme and the protection is first class.
Regatta has designed the softshell to be generous in the fit so it can be worn over other workwear clothing like Hoodies and sweaters, there is great freedom of movement which is enhanced by the full stretch fabrics. If you are a 42 inch chest in your suits then the equivalent size would be large for Headwind.

Regatta are very good with their sizing and as long as you know roughly what your measurements are there will be no surprises. I would still recommend that you take out a tape measure to be sure and search for the sizing guide before buying. If you are looking to buy from Regatta workwear then we actively ask you to call us to make sure you have as much information as you will need to make an informed choice and rest easy.
If you have any further questionse email us at or call 0333 101 4030 where our team will assist you.

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