BHI Workwear Thought of the Day 22-7-13

Choosing the right workwear clothing can be an investment

Thought of The Day

BHI workwear has developed the knack of seeing the big picture which hasn’t always been easy and thanks to several key members of the team that ability has trickled down to the rest of us and is now seeping into the consciousness of our clients and customers.
This is why today’s thought of the day is a prime example of how businesses sometimes need to take a step back and breathe before hammering away again.

"Try keeping your head up
and your overhead down."  

Again like a great many of the best insights this makes sense to everyone whether they are involved in business or not, however knowing this and executing it are often mutually exclusive in almost every firm unless kept in check.
If we look at workwear in relation to overheads and the ability or susceptibility to keep one’s head down we can see parallels which will be prevalent in all forms in and around most businesses.

The prime focus will be trying to drive down costs to shield and protect the overheads from rising however this is largely a false economy and one that if not controlled carefully can balloon and actually increase the overheads. I have written extensively on the logical fallacy of always going for the cheap option and as such I don’t feel the need to drive home something which should be self-evident if not reasoned and acquired from experience buying workwear.

Choosing the right workwear clothing should be seen as an investment rather than an expense, it depends on perspective and seeing the “bigger picture”

I will talk in general terms about the true cost of assets, necessities and apparatus needed to conduct business and the pitfalls of trying to shave off a few pounds.
It has been noted by greater men than I that there is an essential requirement to see the true cost of a purchase and not just the price this premise is based in logic and experience and should be the prima facie optimal position of any firm and in particular the buyer.
When overheads rise there is usually a direct correlation with the buyer being ill advised or deciding against the advice given. I wonder how many people will actually fall on their swords and take the blame or shift it to a third party?

Be careful which suppliers you choose as some will drive up costs rather than save costs

We fully understand the pressures and we try to make the process as easy as possible yet there is a feeling amongst certain buyers that they are trying to be sold something they don’t want essentially they can feel like being ripped off.
Yes there are some suppliers out there who will try it on and squeeze more money out of the deal but this is a short sighted approach by them and one that will invariably result in them losing more business than they find.

In relation to Regatta workwear our aim is not to sell you what you want its more about what you need. Let me clarify that statement before it’s taken out of context.
If a customer calls wanting to buy a fleece for example and after a discussion about the available options it appears they will be working outdoors quite often then a fleece would not be the best option and we would steer them towards a softshell product, not based upon price but based upon functionality as softshells are inherently water resistant where fleeces are not.

BHI Workwear will supply what you need

The same could be said if a firm wanted jackets for the winter months and fleeces for the warmer periods there is the option of buying a softshell option for the entire year and using layering with Regatta’s great base layers when the temperature really plummets. This would actually cost us money in that deal  however the customer would actually receive a service that benefits them and therefore are likely to come back based upon our service and confidence we aren’t looking to “fleece” them (pardon the pun) it’s not about the next sale it’s about the next hundred, People buy people and so on.

When good advice is not followed there is usually a comeuppance further down the road which has in the past cost firms money, people their jobs and reputations have been tarnished.
Essentially I would add a caveat to the quote that if you always keep your head down then overheads will invariably rise, it’s only when you can evaluate the true costs and those buyers take personal ownership of the process that growth of the business out strips any rise in over heads.
After all overheads can rise if the turnover and profits rise as well meaning the bottom line is not always the bottom line.

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