Regatta Thought of the Day 18-7-13

Regatta workwear thought of the Day 18th July 2013

"The best sale is what happens while you are immersed in serving your customer."

We have a very similar adage which complements this quote: ”It’s not about the next sale it’s about the next 100 sales”.Terry Tibbs Unique Sales technique
By which we mean we are not trying to get the best price form our clients and customers at the cost of never doing business with them again. Any firm, us included, could squeeze a customer a bit more on price and secure the sale but there always seems to be a bitter taste when this happens and speaking from a buyer’s perspective if there is a lingering doubt about a company this can manifest in a position that you will only use them in extreme cases or not at all.
This is completely diametrically opposed to what a business strives for because repeat business is key to growing a sustainable and evolving organisation.
One element we at Regatta Workwear concentrate on as much as price and selection is great customer relations which make a huge difference in terms of overall service and execution of the transaction.

Regatta strives to build relationships built on trust and assurance

There are workwear suppliers both traditional and online which will give you a very cheap price for certain goods but will lack the knowledge or the expertise or basic social interactions to deal with any issues you may encounter. Some of the seriously big players in the PPE field have haemorrhaged their customer base because of the lack of service they have offered. Some clients have construed this as arrogance others as they simply don’t care which if true appear to be systemic and endemic in companies who should be protecting their market share by beating everyone who competes with them. This is far from the actual case and it leaves a great gap for more dynamic companies who have identified the need and desire to add something intangible to the customer mix.

Regatta offer great service and reliability adds value to customers experience

Workwear like leisurewear and other popular consumables is subject to market forces and while we can compete with the biggest and best there will always be someone selling their products cheaper because they have worked out a way to produce or supply their goods for less or perhaps they are dumber and have no idea about profit and turnover, believe me there are many of those people in business albeit for a short time. However price is not really what concerns the average customer when you start to break down what their requirements are. Believe or not the ability to produce on demand, do what is asked, advise when necessary in a clear and balanced way, offer choice without saturating or confusing and generally solving problems rank extremely high on these customers wish list.Great Quote





Price may open the door but great service will keep that door open and may lead to other opportunities. I cannot say hand on heart we at Regatta workwear have a 100% record in customer service but we are close to that figure and when you consider there are outside influences such as couriers, Royal Mail, Paypal, Credit Cards, International postage, currency exchange, software issues that is not bad going. Sometimes no matter what you do the Gods are just not favouring you that day, such is life sometimes.

Dealing with some customers is an absolute pleasure and each time you speak you build a rapport which strengthens the bond and ensures that any competitor has to try a lot harder to poach that custom. Some clients are tempted but soon return when the perceived benefits are far from actual benefits in practice.
Whether you wish to class it as an art form the ability to cater for specific needs takes time to hone and attune working with customers and clients which will offer satisfaction and rewards some in themselves will be intangible but solidifying a growing bond between the two parties.Story of everyones success

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