Regatta Thought of the Day 17-7-13

Regatta Workwear’s thought of the day 17th July 2013

"Life is change
Growth is optional."

Great work clothing is not about the price it’s about the performance

I’m sure you get the message by now at why we are publishing these little quotes, they offer a fresh perspective on areas which are not considered to anything other than necessary and therefore mundane and sedentary. Very much like Workwear and PPE equipment who are as far from sexy as you can get however therein lies the rub as most firms consider uniforms and clothing to be something that is dictated by price without looking at the true overall cost.
Of course you can buy workwear which is fiscally attractive and probably does the job to a point but we have plenty of cases at Regatta where people have used the inexpensive options in the past and are not happy with the results.Life Quotes. True
This can be an expensive conclusion to draw and one with a little more persuasiveness on the part of the supplier could have been avoided in the first place. Life appears to have dictated their actions and decisions rather than seeking growth for themselves and their respective businesses.
To look at work clothing from another perspective it should never be judged and purchased solely on price it should be judged in combination with other variances such as performance and professional representation.

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I’m sure you will have heard the adage “dress for success” well this is something which is often a secondary or tertiary factor in choosing a firms workwear. In fact it should be as high on the list as price simply because this is how your clients, customers and prospects will see you when you operate. The clothing your workers wear will determine the message you are trying to send out to other people on an intangible level whether you realise this or not that is how people will perceive things and make judgements on that information.
Regatta workwear are not saying you need to dump hundreds or thousands of pounds on your clothing however we are saying you should consider the overall true cost when looking for you next supplier.

As the quote states; life is change growth is optional and even the most inexperienced business owner will admit they desire growth and while you can cover all the bases within your industry it can often be the intangible, mundane and sedentary elements which offer real growth and positive or negative associations. Make the right choice not just for your bottom line right now instead make the right choice for your business for the future.

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