Regatta Thought Of the Day 16-7-13

Regatta workwear’s thought of the day 16/7/13

"A group becomes a team when all members are sure of themselves and their contribution to praise the skill of others."

A solid sentiment which can often be thought of as self-evident and therefore rarely focused upon by firms, workers and people in general thusly there is an overriding attitude of remaining individuals in groups and affiliations. The failings in companies and teams come from the lack of cohesion and the perceived benefit of competition for places and rewards. Complementing skill sets within any team should be a must for the greater good of the company, firm and or country.
The end result of any firm should be the sum is greater than the constituent parts not the other way round. Not competition for competitions sake as this can be a double edged sword and one with poisoned and insidious potency if given the right conditions to manifest.
While workwear clothing is often seen as an aesthetic element and therefore overlooked in terms of cohesion the actual contributing factor if executed proficiently is critical in many firms approach to team building and unity in a positive way.Henry Ford's Famous Teamwork Quote

Choosing work wear & uniforms can be tricky.

Choosing the right workwear uniform is essential not just in terms of product or design but also in the workforce’s perception. Firms should be careful not to institute clothing segregation amongst their ranks without serious justification. In other words if your workers are exposed to serious abrasions and very unpleasant and often harsh working conditions it would make sense to wear durable but inexpensive clothing compared to say the foreman or senior workers as the working environment will dictate which workwear clothing is to be worn.

However if the workforce is segregated by the quality of the work clothing purely as a way of dividing the rank and file this can breed disharmony amongst the very people that firm need as necessity.
We still see this day in day and out where many firms often cannot see what’s in front of them deliberately sitting the default position of “we will tell them what they’re going to wear” while the idea is right in one sense there are many more ways to skin a cat resulting in better overall perception and a rounded collective who grow and prosper together as one unit. An attitude of communication and justification can be just as effective without having to spend a fortune trying to appease the workers.

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