Buy the Regatta Thor III fleece from BHI Workwear

Buy the Regatta Thor III fleece Online through BHI Workwear

Coming towards the end of 2013 yet again the TRF532 and TRF541 (Womens) Regatta Thor III fleece has topped our bestselling products list closely followed by the Barricade workwear fleeces (250, 300 and 350)

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Buy the Regatta Thor III Fleece online through BHI Workwear Buy the Regatta Thor III Fleece online through BHI Workwear

The Thor fleece has always sold well thanks largely to the price versus performance, in other words The Thor fleece costs very little yet offers excellent thermal performance for all kinds of workers in many different capacities. For a fleece which has a starting price of £14.37 ex VAT it offers so much in terms of durability and functionality for a huge range of purposes.

Buy the Regatta Thor III fleece online at the best prices

This particular Regatta fleece is ideal for warehouse workers, cold room technicians and countless other tasks where the temperature is a bit chilly. The Thor III has great leisuretime applications also from wearing as a soft and comfortable mid layer over T-Shirts and under jackets when walking, sailing, fishing or undertaking DIY. The fleece is great for just leaving in the boot of a car or bag where it folds up quite tidily and can be pulled out when the sun takes his hat off and his ugly sister decides to take aim at you.

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There are 10 different colour combinations available in this workwear fleece which should explain its great appeal as the Thor III is also interactive and can be worn with other Regatta Jackets as a 3 in 1 outfit. We would recommend the Navy or black Thor III with TRW423 Regatta Vertex II Jacket for example which is both waterproof and breathable and is lightweight so with the Thor combined it will produce a very high performance 3 in 1.

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One thing I would say about fleece garments, and that’s all fleeces and not just the Thor III, is the material that the garments are made from has some drawbacks which can make fleece products limited in certain situations. We are of course talking about wet weather conditions, if you have ever worn a fleece in the rain it will be the last time you ever wear a fleece in the rain. The fabric just absorbs the water and allows it to penetrate right down to the wearer’s clothes and skin which makes it uncomfortable and essentially redundant until it’s dry.

The best advice we could offer if this has happened to you and you don’t want to wear a jacket is to look at our softshell range which is designed to be either waterproof or very, very tolerant of wet conditions. Think of softshells as having all the benefits of fleeces but none of their drawbacks. Have a look at the TRA656 Regatta Octagon which is a 3 layered softshell as a fantastic all weather jacket

All in all as we’re more or less in the Christmas spirit and very close to the New Year, where we don’t need a Ground Hog to tell us of the miserable weather ahead for the next few months, you are going to need some warm clothing whether for work or for play so why not choose one of our workwear fleeces, softshells or Regatta jackets and if you’re really in schtuck then you may need some of our base layers too.

If you need any help with picking the right product for you in our range, why not call our team on 0333 101 4030 or email us at to see what our team can do for you.

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