Regatta Synonymous With Workwear

Workwear clothing and Regatta should be synonymous

Our challenge moving forward with the new site and the active promotion of the Regatta Professional ranges is to make the brand “Regatta” synonymous with “workwear”. Pulling no punches it’s clear from quick straw polls and customer reactions that the concept of Regatta producing workwear is largely unknown especially for individuals looking for a specific piece of work clothing. The positive from these investigations are these customers are very responsive to the idea of them producing task specific clothing thanks largely to the brand reputation and equity they hold.

Regatta are synonymous with outdoor clothing and have been for over 30 years this reputation has been carefully cultivated to the point that for a lot of people Regatta are the “go to” brand when they are looking for outdoor clothing. People use their jackets and softshells as a benchmark or barometers for styling, performance and price before either purchasing them or looking at other brands.Workwear ranges by Regatta
This is a serious asset for any brand to be considered in such regard and only a couple of other brands within that sector enjoy the same exalted status.

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The next stage is to develop that equity and apply it to an essentially foreign territory of workwear clothing. Workwear Clothing and Regatta must become synonymous

There are some reservations to this approach from people who have summarily judged the Regatta Professional range as they belief there will be a cluttered or misinterpreted communication. This belief is based on old paradigm thinking when people bought their clothing from catalogues and shops. The choices were selected and limited and consumers may not have had the evaluation tools necessary to make informed decisions in their purchasing choices. With the perpetual evolution of the internet and smart phones consumers now have at the touch of a screen the ability to evaluate, price, performance, reviews, properties and brand equity to make decisions which they are comfortable with. As a direct result some people have started looking further afield into different markets to acquire goods which fulfil their requirements but were not actually designed or marketed for their needs.

Workwear is such a commodity and over the last few years brands have sold clothing which is designated as work wear but will be used as fashion pieces for everyday uses. Dickies and Carhartt are two such brands which have accomplished this with great success and transversely both these brands were established as work clothing from their very conception. It has been in the last 20 years where Dickies trousers have been worn by people who like the style rather than the durability and toughness, Carhartt set up WIP (Work in Progress) in 1984 to sell their workwear clothing as street wear which explains why Carhartt is known in the UK as a streetwear brand rather than for work clothing.

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Regatta started off as leisurewear brand and has built a huge following turning it into a £100 Million plus company and with their core market in the UK this is a huge number. They have a couple of sub brands aimed at different demographics in Dare2B aimed at the winter sports and outdoor activities like cycling and Crag Hoppers who are aimed a slightly older user who pursue serious walking and adventuring. They have employed Bear Grylls as a spokes model and even developed a range of outdoor clothing which he can be seen wearing in his television shows eating snakes and spiders.

Regatta’s reach and penetration into consumer’s personal clothing and buying habits is quite astounding and in my opinion it will be quite straightforward to apply the benefits to their workwear range. The next step is to educate, inform and promote the clothing so to place the concept of the jackets and softshells in their already established consumer’s minds that we now have clothing fir for work as well as new customers based upon the performance and price.
Of course the term workwear is very broad and covers everything from suits to boilers suits and everything in between which is perfect for Regatta because all these different work clothing brands concentrate on trousers, Polo shirts, suits and skirts they seldom concentrate on waterproof clothing and this is the entry point for education, information and promotion

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Everyone who lives in the UK and northern Europe will need waterproof workwear jackets and clothing whether that is just walking for the train or actually working outside on building sites. Most waterproof jackets are either very expensive and or nowhere near as durable to handle the everyday abrasions and obstacles encountered. Regatta are known for their value for money which to clarify does not mean cheap clothing it means you are not paying an extra £50 just for a name like some brands it actually means you are paying prices which are palatable whether you are an individual or a firm buying workwear or leisurewear.

Great Workwear should offer protections and functionality

Concerning abrasions and the rough nature workwear encounters there was a necessity to advance simply from waterproof clothing, so Regatta launched their new range called Hardwear in 2012 which has been designed specifically for durability, toughness with great functionality and performance. In my opinion again this would be a good sub brand to fall in line with Crag Hoppers and Dare2B as it has the necessary prerequisite qualities to stand alone as the workwear brand within a brand aimed at those workers who need the durability with the weatherproofing.
However this is simply my opinion and there is a need to engineer a focus and strategy, that focus should be every worker who is exposed to the elements whether that is for a few minutes or all day.
We have the products now it’s a question of building up that promotion and education to make Regatta as a brand as synonymous with workwear as it is with outdoor clothing.

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