BHI Workwear Returns Policy

BHI Workwear returned goods policy

BHI Workwear fully understands and sympathizes with the often precarious online shopping arena and the need for security when buying goods as well as the protection which is required to make a sale successful.
The need to clarify our position on returns is becoming ever more apparent.
BHI Workwear will stipulate in plain terms where you stand and we stand in the contract of exchange for the sale of goods in exchange for money (Valuable consideration).

Refunds of full amounts are subject to the goods not being of merchantable quality.
In other words the goods are faulty from the factory.
Goods damaged by consumers presented as faulty will be investigated by our staff to determine the fault.
Unless the fault is unclear as to origin the claim will be summarily dismissed as both Regatta Workwear and our suppliers perform a standard quality check before dispatch.

BHI Workwear’s first position will be to offer you an exchange of like for like goods where we will pick up the additional carriage charges to re-deliver unless the exchange is overseas. At this point BHI Workwear and the customer have to come to an agreement as to the best course.
If the replacement goods are faulty we will then offer you a next best alternative product to fulfil your requirements. In most cases another similar product from the original brands range will be offered.
Clarity is key to agreement of the parties

BHI Workwear will have the sole discretion as to offer alternatives at the same price as consumer’s original purchase or waiver additional charges in the spirit and name of customer service.
If these solutions offered are not accepted it will be Regatta Workwear’s sole discretion to refund the amount minus applicable charges such as handling fees, re-stocking fees and any supplemental fees which will be stated via email, advice note, phone conversation, face to face or other forms of communication in order to make the consumer fully aware of all applicable costs and processes.
Our objective is to provide goods and services to fulfil your needs.

Refunds will not be offered for:

Consumers purchasing incorrect sizes of products

Consumers choosing the wrong colours

Consumers purchasing the wrong brand

Or any other lack of liability on the behalf of the consumer.

Contract, Full Disclosure, Consent, Valuable Consideration

Call us to check before you buy this will remove assumptions and presumptions

BHI Workwear offer a contact telephone number, email address and sizing guides on our website to ensure all available tools are at the customers disposal to reduce errors being made.
The images on the website are the official representations acquired from the Regatta brand we sell.
BHI Workwear will cover all the basic requirements to provide the consumer with as much information and clear images to make informed and balanced decisions before purchases.  
This information covers product names, codes, descriptions, SKU Codes (where applicable), product information, reviews, colour schemes, available sizes and prices.
If the consumer after this point requests a refund it is solely down to the discretion of Regatta Workwear whether they offer one on a case by case review basis.
In most cases an alternative option will be offered or a credit note presented.
The consumer takes full responsibility and liability for their choices in regards to sizes and colours and all the variations listed above.

BHI Workwear are NOT OBLIGATED to offer refunds for consumer mistakes and errors.

If a mistake does occur then send an email to  informing us of the issue or a call to +44 (0)333 101 4030 within 24 hours of the purchase and we will try our best to seek a resolution. This action may lead to the cancelation of the purchase with full refund or a rectified/edited order being placed.
Any mistakes will be apparent from the email automatically sent to the consumer to qualify and confirm their purchase and the consumer is liable to inform Regatta Workwear of their mistake within 24 hrs.
We do understand that the mistake may only become apparent when you receive the goods so we will assist you in finding a remedy in the name of good customer services however BHI Workwear will reserve the right to accept or reject losses and charges on a case by case review basis.

Goods purchased are subject to a Re-stocking charge of a flat rate of 20% of the sale if the goods are “non- stock items” we will inform the consumer if the goods are non-stock items should a request for a replacement be made.
BHI Workwear will make every effort to minimise costs to the consumer by offering several options including but not restricted to; alternative replacements from other brands or other products from ranges of original brand.
BHI Workwear will offer where applicable a fee for an express replacement from our supplier to satisfy the consumer’s needs.

In short if you are reasonable with us in your requests we will do everything in our power to solve any issues that may arise.

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