Regatta Generator 3 in 1 jacket TRA136 Quick Review

The Regatta Generator is an amazing waterproof 3 in 1 jacket

Part of a Hardwear range the Regatta Generator 3 in 1 jacket is perfect for all outdoor environments.
Designed to be as durable and hard-wearing as possible these jackets are created for many outdoor tasks, made from the highest grade materials these jackets are waterproof, breathable and are highly resistant to dirt and stains. The cuffs and sleeves of the jacket include a durable Taslan and Oxford Dobby Polyester material which essentially means that unlike other jackets on the market where the cuffs and hem of the jacket fray and wear away after a few months the Regatta Generator Jacket will outperform and last far longer than a lot of its nearest competitors.

The Regatta Generator is a 3 in 1 jacket, meaning that you can wear the jacket in any one of three combinations. You would wear the insulating fleece interior in combination with the breathable windproof and waterproof exterior if you were working outdoors in cold, wet and windy conditions. The jacket is an ideal all weather jacket when you’re getting hammered by a downpour and pushed over by strong winds. This Regatta Jacket will keep you dry in almost any wet environment, unless you plan on diving head first into a swimming pool that is in which you’d need a wet suit and a padded cell.

The Generator has a warm fleece inner which can be removed

The fleece interior can be easily zipped out of the outer jacket exterior leaving you with 3 clothing choices. You can wear the fleece alone if you are a little chilly and need something to provide a layer of warmth when the weather is dry. You can wear the jacket without the fleece which will keep you dry and protected finally you can zip the fleece back in and have a very warm, protective and stylish workwear garment fit for any purpose. 

All in all this is a premium workwear jacket that comes with a premium price, however the performance and technology is astounding and you will certainly receive a lot more in terms of function than the price may portray. To put it another way if you looked at other brands with a similar specification jacket as the TRA136 Generator you would be looking at a price of over £100.00 at the very least.

The Hardwear range offers the highest level of technology Regatta offers and as such you have some exceptional jackets and workwear products which are designed with the British weather in mind and how unpredictable it is.

Check our site out in early 2014 as we will have the new range of Regatta Professional products on our site and ready to fly off the shelves.

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