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Shipping is important. Read the BHI Workwear delivery terms here

Shopping online is now as easy as switching on the lapdog/tablet, clicking a few icons, paying then adding your delivery address before moving onto your chosen social platform to brag about what you have just bought.
There are a lot of websites that offer supposedly “great” deals only for the sting to strike just as you are about to pay in the form of high shipping charges which can be off putting if not clear and justified from the outset.
Is there really such a thing as FREE SHIPPING?.

You can read BHI Workwear delivery terms or call us to find out what we offer to each customer.

What needs to be clear here for every consumer to understand is there is no such thing as free delivery! Let me explain that statement before I get the backlash of people point out the word FREE on our website and others.

Shipping goods whether in the UK or overseas has always had a premium and it’s a cost which most companies will pass onto the consumer whether overtly or by writing the cost into the price of the goods which is a more covert strategy.
There is no way to drop ship to houses or businesses without incurring costs it is simple logic and folly to think otherwise.

Now there are several ways to view the shipping charge and some companies design the price package to appear like the consumer is getting something for nothing when they are getting anything but. There are some very large brands out there who profess to deliver free and to all intents and purposes they do, however they write the shipping charges and the probability of returns into the price of the garments. In other words the £30.00 pair of trousers you can buy from several large retailers actually cost £4.00 to produce and stock, the £26.00 “profit” makes it possible to deliver “free” while also leveraging against the possibility of returns. It’s actually quite an elegant method of perceptibly offering something for free while maximising the profits of the products.
Workwear Orders are free if you buy over £100

Workwear suppliers and indeed buyers know from past experiences that there will be the inherent probability of incurring charges and they are also familiar with negotiating away those charges by buying more goods which they obviously need but meet the requirements in the seller’s eyes to offer a discount, a meeting of minds if you will.

In relation to BHI Workwear and our delivery policy it is very simple, straightforward, clear and is negotiable in certain circumstances.

All deliveries have a flat mainland UK fee of £5.00 ex VAT if bought online

However if you buy over £100.00 worth of goods online we will ship to you free of charge if you are in mainland UK.

It gets even better if you call us on 0333 101 4030 and you place an order with us over the phone we often waiver the shipping fee if the goods are over £50.00 and you are based in the mainland UK.

BHI workwear use our discretion to decide whether we can ship for free or have to charge for it.
Often the best way to conduct business is over the phone and we can advise on your choices and offer alternatives which may meet your requirements much more deftly than the original choice.

Great Work Clothing Delivered in a speedy and timely manner

BHI Workwear Contact Information

Speaking with our team will allow you to ask questions about the products, assess alternatives and gain assurances before buying.
Our philosophy is to build relationships and not focus on the next sale it’s about the next hundred sales with our customers and for this reason we can look at wavering the delivery charges as a customer service.
The only issues with shipping charges are international freight/Airmail, delivering to parts of Scotland & Northern Ireland and the weight or size of the goods that need to be shipped.
These can all be discussed with us over the phone so please feel free to call our team to cover your options.

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To find out more call us 0333 101 4030.