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The Great Regatta Professional Waterproof Workwear Clothing

This principle has held them in good stead to the point where they have actively sought larger expansion projects into new markets around the Europe and the world.

One key area of expansion Regatta have embarked upon is entry to into the extremely competitive workwear clothing market.
Many work clothing brands have pedigree and heritage built upon solid foundations in producing durable, robust protective workwear clothing from yester year which has evolved into precision PPE garments and high performance workwear clothing sold in the thousands to large and small firms around the world to protect their workforce from the rigours of abrasive environments.

Most great workwear clothing brands are now trying to access the arguably more profitable leisurewear market by adapting their work clothing designs into ones that will sell on the high street.

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Great waterproof jackets for work and for play - Regatta offers exceptional value for money Great waterproof jackets for work and for play - Regatta offers exceptional value for money

Regatta are unique in this regard as they are the only UK clothing brand established as an outdoor leisurewear company attempting to enter the work clothing industry.
A bold move that can offer huge dividends if executed correctly with precision, great products and a communication mix which promotes the exceptional elements needed to secure wider adoption. That way the Great Regatta clothing brand can be seen as both a professional and leisurewear clothing giant.

Most work clothing brands will attempt to subtract elements from their clothing to make them more appealing to the public. They may take away heavy parts like knee pad pockets or the more robust deign in the crotch area as the leisurewear clothing will have little or no need for them in everyday fashionable use.
Regatta clothing has the exact opposite approach they add elements to their waterproof workwear clothing to make them more robust and durable for the abrasive environments.
Their outdoor clothing is already engineered to cope with the wind and rain as well as cold temperatures experienced by walkers, climbers and sailors but they may struggle to hold up on a building site.
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Great Waterproof Workwear Jackets by Regatta

The additions in the Regatta waterproof workwear jackets in particular add a new dimension allowing them to function primarily as world class protection from the elements as well as offering resistance to abrasions often encountered by tradesmen and construction workers.
Fabrics and materials such as taslan and oxford dobby polyester have been engineered into the designs to add a much more robust functionality.
These new fabrics resulted in the Regatta Hardwear range which is designed for the trades in particular but can be used by anyone who requires great waterproof work jackets which can take some serious hammer without failing at the first hurdle.
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One of the biggest assets Regatta clothing holds over the other brands is the design team have stylish and contemporary blocks to utilise in the creation for the new work clothing ranges.
These designs have been used to great effect by producing waterproof workwear jackets that look like you could wear them at the weekend when walking the dog just as easily as working during the week.
Because these designs look like something you would find in a high street outdoor clothing shop there are some savvy customers who have twigged that they can buy the Regatta professional jackets to use in their leisure pursuits yet pay workwear clothing prices.
This offers amazing value for money on a brand which already offers some of the best priced waterproof clothing on the market why not do the same?!

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BHI offers wide ranging deals on all our workwear clothing including the Regatta range.
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We offer trade workwear accounts where you can access online ordering services bespokely created for each customer to access at any point and build up an order with ease.
BHI have dedicated account managers to assist and advise fully on all workwear clothing, footwear and PPE we supply.
These account managers will work with you to take the headache away of dealing with someone in a garage looking to simply get the next sale.
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