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Regatta clothing has many outlets around the country and indeed the web but only a handful of vendors offer their products exclusively and up until recently those sites were solely operated by Regatta themselves. Their websites were largely designed to be showcases for their products providing in-depth information about all the Regatta clothing and accessories both from the Professional and leisurewear ranges. Setting up an online store where you can buy directly from Regatta was not a priority in their scope until very recently.

There are always pros and cons to operating your own brands online store and if you have an established operating distributor network the need to set up an expensive and time consuming website may not be perceived as essential. However Regatta like all brands can and will invariably suffer from deflation and inflation of their brand equity more so when communication channels are out of the brands sphere of control. One way to protect and secure a brand is to create a website which serves as an authority, reference point, customer care centre and of course online store.

The aim is to cater for all consumer needs rather than concentrate solely on low prices which often lead to dissatisfaction and hidden charges which lowers confidence and brand perception.

Regatta workwear clothing offers great value for money

Their aim is to protect that philosophy and not to lower the equity to levels which would reduce the quality of their products.

The head shed at Regatta HQ came up with an intriguing concept, they wanted to launch a new website which would sell their workwear ranges including their brand new Hardwear line the difference would be this website would be operated and maintained by a third party. This was a huge step for Regatta as this would be the first time another company would be sanctioned to use the Regatta name in their URL and business representation. Essentially this would be classed as outsourcing however with the close working relationship between Regatta and the third party it would serve more as a partnership.

The advantages for Regatta are numerous and include reductions of costs in operating a new site, increasing the proliferation in the search engine rankings through the expertise of the third party and greater control of protecting their brand.TRF563-Regatta-Elevator-Hooded-Fleece-Jacket

The new website which is designated simply and cleanly; is more than just another ecommerce site and offers a much more intuitive and simple way of purchasing Workwear clothing by Regatta than almost any other website available.

The reason for this is born out the need to create a viable ecommerce experience which caters for the industry the site is aimed at. In other words the workwear industry has for many years worked at an analogue pace while the rest of the consumer world has adapted to a digital revolution. Slowly workwear buyers are turning to the web for their searches, researches and purchases of their work clothing and consumables. For many years firms would rely on reps and local suppliers to meet demands however as buyers are replaced by younger compatriots, these young guns incorporate their own experience of utilising the web into their working lives which has led to wider searches and a more prevalent variety of choice for those firms. Regatta has identified this new trend and in conjunction with their new partners they have designed a website which meets those needs and also maintains a very simple use for those consumers who are less than comfortable purchasing online.

Many online companies have chosen an automated route to save costs but have chosen to consciously dismiss many consumers concerns or expectations when purchasing goods such as confidence and security.

Many consumers and I am one of those like to know there is the facility to speak to a human to qualify and clarify any issues and requirements.

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We places great emphasis on customer confidence and experience. The reason goes straight to the heart of what Regatta stands for: "It’s not about the next sale it's about the next 100 sales" So says Iain Martin who is one of the driving forces behind Regatta Workwear. In a world where there is almost too much choice the need to cultivate customer loyalty is key to becoming successful and that kind of success is only achieved by providing a service which over and above what most consumers are crying out for, simple, clear and easy choices which meets and surpasses their needs with effortless ease.

Regatta has always been acknowledged as offering pioneering designs and fabrics with excellent functionality at the right price

They are very keen and experienced in establishing traditional and well-grounded ideals towards their customers which cultivates trust. Their new website has those same valued ideals etched and woven through the fabric and coding representing all that is innovative yet familiar about the very best Regatta Clothing.

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