Regatta Clothing Foundations

Regatta clothing is ideal for work and for play - Great weather protection and styling

Regatta had a unique and humble birth, like so many famous brands there was a twist of fate which enamoured them to their customer base and set the foundations for solid and prominent growth yielding great successes.

The company was born out of good fortune and essentially if you looked up the words "flexible", "dynamic" and "fortuitous" you would see a large picture of the Regatta logo and maybe a big smile on Lionel Black's face.

Picture the scene if you will, a stall like many others in a busy bustling market venue in Manchester in the 1980's, Thatcher in total hegemonic dominance, rain pouring and bucketing down almost constantly and everything and everyone seemingly fitting the inspiration for L.S. Lowry to draw from. This was not the setting you would expect for such a prestigious brand Like Regatta clothing to grow from but nevertheless this crucible is where the company was forged.

Regatta Clothing Foundations set in great outdoorwear Perfect for Wet WeatherOne of the best ladies waterproof workwear jackets

The Black family were selling outdoor clothing from their market stall imported from all over the world but in particular from the Far East and making a good living from it. As time passed more and more goods were imported until one occasion a shipment of water resistant jackets with the name "Regatta" embossed on the breast was placed on sale. These new waterproof clothing products sold out in record time and in short these jackets were fantastic especially for the prices they were on sale for people were buying great jackets for a lot less then they could on the High Street.

After the stall sold out of the new jackets people were actively asking "when are those Regatta jackets coming back in?" It wasn't too long before the light bulb lit up and the ground work for the Regatta Clothing brand was laid.

Today they hold some very astute commerce ideals ones which stand the test of time almost as well as their products. Regatta clothing offer great design, engineering, innovation, technology which culminates in peak performance while at the same time offering incredible value for money.

The result is a rapidly growing company who invest in the future and to the chagrin of other brands change market structures, pricing structures, perceptions and innovation levels. Like for like you can place all Regatta clothing against their competitors from up and down the pricing spectrum and see the quality in their clothing is inherent and unequivocal See how they create waterproof Work wear Clothing in our articles page

Waterproof Clothing Ideal for Workwear

Regatta clothing is made to stand the tests of Mother Nature as well as everyday use in a challenging world by walkers, climbers and workers. The performance in the Regatta clothing ranges in both leisurewear and workwear is fantastic and if most people are honest they would expect to pay more.
Rather than pat themselves on the back for a job well done and bask in their success Regatta clothing has reinvested their gains into new innovation, new technologies and most importantly new product ranges to progress further as the premier waterproof outdoor clothing brand.

If you look at their workwear products; the Professional range they have taken inspiration from their leisurewear clothing to design high grade workwear products with a distinct design aesthetic which makes Regatta Workwear clothing look like you could wear it on the street. In other words their workwear doesn't look like workwear, which has been considered the Holy Grail for all work clothing brands and Regatta clothing has achieved this with aplomb.

Regatta clothing has great waterproofing heritage

The professional range is just the beginning because the decision was made some time ago to enter the workwear market further and produce clothing which not only protects against the elements but offers the increased robustness needed by workers. Regatta clothing launched their Hardwear range in early September 2012 to take on the big hitters in the workwear field at their own game.

The ideals held by Regatta clothing of performance and price are prominent and aided by new fabric development to protect from stains, dirt and abrasions making the new Hardwear pretty formidable.

From the market stall to a multi-million pound company in 30 years is pretty outstanding whichever way you carve it and even more impressive is the fact that Regatta clothing is pushing even more boundaries and taking other established brands to task. This strategy is benefiting the end users because they get great performance and great value even if they don't choose Regatta clothing simply because the other brands fear losing more ground to the upperty Manc clothing company with lots of pep and hustle.

See our Sizing guide to make sure you don't choose the wrong size.

If you ever wonder why clothing sometimes just doesn’t fit read our article and you will see it’s down to the brand, the location of the brand and the fabric. I’m pleased to say that Regatta clothing is designed to fit the wearer and not the measurements like a lot of American brands so you can easily wear other garments underneath and still have room to function and manoeuvre.

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