Record Breaking Weather in America and Why You Should Prepare

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With the record breaking cold temperatures in America at the current time the team at the BHI Workwear office are on the edge of their seats waiting to see if this Arctic Weather is going to come to the UK.

In the past this has been the case. America tend to get hit first by the brutal chills of mother nature, then a week or so later this cold jet stream of air travels across to Britain and hits us, hard.
With the current temperatures in America hitting lows as cold as -17C (1F) you’re going to want to be prepared.

To begin with the most important factor is keeping yourself warm, Base Layers are a brilliant start. Designed to be a heat retentive barrier underneath your normal clothing Base Layers are essential to restrict your body warmth loss whilst outside in cold climates. Designed with innovative moisture wicking technology our range of Thermal Layers are an essential if you want to beat cold climates whilst ourdoors. We also have a range which include anti-bacterial finishes to help reduce skin irritation.

On top of these Base Layers your would obviously wear any clothes that you wish to wear to keep yourself warm, perhaps a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a sweater combined with either a Fleece or Waterproof Jacket.

Should you choose a fleece or a softshell jacket

Regatta Fleeces are a brilliant form of clothing if you want to apply an extra layer of warmth to your arsenal whilst outside in cold environments. They are warm, soft, and easy to clean. However the downside to fleeces is they are not waterproof or water resistant. So if you are outside working in snowy weather wearing a fleece as your most exterior piece of clothing the garment is going to get wet and heavy due to the amount of moisture it has absorbed.

A solution to this problem is to look at our range of Regatta Work Softshell Jackets, these offer the insulating properties of traditional fleeces with the added benefit of being Highly water resistant and are easier to keep clean because of their stain and dirt resistant properties. Softshell Jackets are not waterproof, they are Highly water resistant because their seams are not always taped so if you are wearing them outside in extremely wet or snowy environments they are only going to keep you dry for a period of time however if you are in some serious weather the best solution would be to wear a waterproof jacket.

Waterproof Workwear Jackets are ideal in the coldest and wettest conditions

Regatta Workwear stock a range of waterproof jackets, all of which are generous enough to wear over the top of existing insulating clothing like sweaters or fleeces. The Regatta Gibson II Interactive Jacket is adaptable, which is brilliant if you currently own fleeces in the Regatta range such as the Thor III Fleece, these are attachable to the interior of the waterproof jacket giving you the thermal benefits of a fleece and the waterproofing properties of a waterproof jacket in once item of clothing.

If however you don’t already own any fleeces in the Regatta range but you are wanting a warm, breathable and waterproof jacket we would recommend the Regatta Benson II 3-in-1 Jacket. These jackets contain a detachable warm insulating fleece inner as well as being a waterproof, windproof and breathable clothing both of which you can wear separately or combined for the perfect outdoor winter combination. The advantage of the 3-in-1 range is the price, they are more affordable than if you were to purchase an adaptable interactive fleece and jacket in the hopes of combining them.

In summary, if mother nature come across the Atlantic Ocean and slaps up in the face with her cold icy hands you’re going to want to keep yourself warm whilst outside. Layers of course are the best option but you’re going to want something warm, waterproof and windproof to wear over them to ensure full protection.

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