Pulsar Navy Combat Trousers Offer from £9.99 ex VAT a pair*

You can buy a pair of great combat trousers online from BHI for less than a tenner

Buying workwear clothing, PPE and uniforms can often seem like a suck it and see approach very much trial and error as how can potential customers evaluate accurately the merits of one product against another?
Price is typically used as the main element leading to purchasing especially spot buying, but is it even vaguely accurate when trying to ascertain the value of the prospective product?

The short answer is no – Customers need more information to determine the pros and cons.
Buying workwear trousers for a workforce is always a battle between a balance of quality and price.
Everybody wants great products at low prices and the most appropriate anecdote is; people want to shop at Waitrose but pay at Lidl.

Most people are familiar with the concept of “buy cheap, buy twice” or “you get what you pay for”
This is applicable for home purchasers as much as it is for professional procurement.

Buy Great Combat trousers from £9.99 ex VAT

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In ordinary circumstance if a company buys a £9.00 pair of combat trousers as opposed to a pair for £30.00 you should correctly presume that the £9.00 pair would not perform to the higher priced trousers standards.
While the initial price of £9.00 may look attractive at the beginning that “low price” soon becomes distorted when replacements are being required typically after a short period of use.
3 replacements later those “cheaper trousers” are now more expensive than the “expensive” pair if you factor in the cost of raising purchase orders, down time, inefficiency, potential delays etc.
Its not an ideal situation in which to operate regardless what the often myopic bean counters may say.

What’s the solution? - It never hurts to call up a supplier to discuss the various options to explore the pros and cons to see which one fits with the various constraints.
Buying the most expensive option is not the answer, in most cases that would be considered over-kill.
You can buy combat trousers by some well-known brands for upwards of £70.00 ex VAT which are fantastic products but are too expensive to kit out a full work force unless there is a prescribed reason such as a multi-Norm requirement.
The reality is we can offer combat trouser options closer to budgets but with an eye on what is best for our customers over a given timeline in terms of performance and function which is a great benefit to companies.

BHI have a great offer on Combat trousers from £9.99 ex VAT

Okay enough with the economics lesson the reality is BHI have some great products moreover we are solution based and as such we operate to serve the best solutions for each customer.
In this instance we have a great product at a truly phenomenal price.

BHI have stock of P513 Pulsar Combat trousers in navy.
These are premium workwear combat trousers, fit for all types of operations - they are not classed as hi vis garments, but they do have reflective strips as detailing on the pocket flaps and no strips on the lower legs like the standard P513 trousers.
Prices start from £9.99 ex VAT for a combat trouser that would usually cost upwards of £33.00 ex VAT if you seek them out from other venders.

Buy P513 Pulsar Combat Trousers online today

These trousers are moving fast as you would expect so call to ensure we have the stock.
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