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  • Regatta’s Thought for the Day 10/7/2013

    Seems obvious when you think about it set a target and look to the path to achieve these goals.
    Very similar to “dress how you wish to be perceived” if you want to be a CEO then start wearing a suit to work, don’t expect to achieve that wearing jeans and a scruffy T-Shirt unless you are going to invent the next Google or Bookface or you’re a writer in which case you probably don’t want to be a CEO so keep wearing your pants and socks just make sure to write that book you’ve been toying with for last 15 years
  • Changing Workwear

    Summer is here finally, wait I spoke to soon back to winter again as a few rain drops splash down on the window sill. You know the score the summers don’t quite last more than a couple of days which is harsh on the spirit and mind-set however this metrological fluctuation can be good for workwear firms like Regatta.
    The main issue usually revolves around seasonal purchasing of specific clothing for certain seasons throughout the year this philosophy however needs to be adapted slightly as the weather predictions are more chaotic and less reliable year on year.
  • Regatta FREE Giveaway

    Okay it's competition time by Regatta Workwear again and this time we're doing this a little differently we're widening the access from just Facebook.
    The FREE prize is Dare2B Micro Fleece in LARGE.
  • Regatta Workwear Good Causes

    There are good causes everywhere in today’s society so it can be hard to disseminate which ones to donate to and indeed support however either through fate or perhaps synchronicity we at Regatta Workwear have had the good fortune to be presented several great causes which we work closely with.
  • Why the Traditional Black Fleece?

    As workwear suppliers and prominent stockists of the Regatta Professional range we are well aware of the demand for "the traditional black fleece" from new and existing customers but why
  • What's In a Logo

    As workwear clothing supplier's part of our service is to provide a logo facility whether that is embroidery or printing onto the garments so our clients and customers have work clothing which identifies their company and promote identity and brand equity in the public's perception.
  • Workwear Buyers remorse

    With the advent of online shopping emerging into full flow there is the ever increasing danger of buyer’s remorse when the products arrive and they just don’t measure up to how the customer perceived them to be. This is especially true with clothing simply because the sizing definitions for different brands are as different as Gucci and Primark.
  • The New 2014 Hardwear Range

    It’s still early days but we have just seen the samples for the new Regatta Hardwear products which are due to be launched in August 2013 in time for the autumn and the undoubtedly cold, cold 2014 winter.
  • Is Drinking Coffee Making You Fat?

    Who would of thunk it coffee can make you fat? Well apparently so according to a few scientific studies and the Daily Mail.
    This is of particular interest to our office as the kettle is pretty much on constant boil much to the chagrin of the accounts dept. but “our” Paul loves his coffee as do about half the workforce myself included.
  • Regatta Synonymous With Workwear

    Our challenge moving forward with the new site and the active promotion of the Regatta Professional ranges is to make the brand “Regatta” synonymous with “workwear”. Pulling no punches it’s clear from quick straw polls and customer reactions that the concept of Regatta producing workwear is largely unknown especially for individuals looking for a specific piece of work clothing. The positive from these investigations are these customers are very responsive to the idea of them producing task specific clothing thanks largely to the brand reputation and equity they hold.

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