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  • Workwear Regatta's New Frontier

    Great Waterproof Workwear Clothing by Regatta Workwear can offer many challenges to brands who wish to enter the fray however some brands are more fortuitous than others and manage to traverse the pitfalls which have crippled clothing brands in the past. Workwear Regatta produce is excpetional.
  • The New Regatta Workwear Site

    Durable Waterproof Workwear Clothing by Regatta Regatta is known for producing world class waterproof clothing ideal for the great outdoors and increasingly for their robust ranges of workwear. Like all major brands Regatta have lots of products to choose from and that choice can be overwhelming and actually counter intuitive if you have to browse dozens of workwear products to find one that you are looking for in a short time period.
  • Regatta Workwear: The New Intuitive Online Store

    Buy Great Regatta Workwear online through BHI Workwear Regatta clothing has many outlets around the country and indeed the web but only a handful of vendors offer their products exclusively and up until recently those sites were solely operated by Regatta themselves.
  • Regatta Clothing Foundations

    Regatta clothing is ideal for work and for play - Great weather protection and styling Regatta had a unique and humble birth, like so many famous brands there was a twist of fate which enamoured them to their customer base and set the foundations for solid and prominent growth yielding great successes.
  • Regatta Workwear Sizing Guide

    This is the Regatta Workwear sizing guide which covers all products in both male and female configurations. Regatta Workwear Sizing guide chart for all our workwear clothing So when you choose a size Large you will be getting a size Large quite important when so many other clothing brands often use different molds and measurements which causes confusion and customer dissatisfaction.
  • TRF530 Regatta Asgard II Quilted Fleece Jacket Product Review

    Review of the Regatta Asgard II Quilted fleece jacket. As time passes we at Regatta Workwear will add more and more product reviews which will complement the product information and of course customer reviews of each of our producst as we build over time. Now we have the review of the Regatta Asgard II Quilted fleece
  • Get Ready for Autumn with Regatta Clothing

    Buy Regatta Clothing online through BHI Workwear It may sound ludicrous to start talking about autumn right smack in the middle of the hottest summer since the sun became a star, but you do have to think ahead, especially as the bad weather has a habit of just appearing out of the blue every year. Regatta Clothing have the perfect range of lightweight work wear clothing
  • Which Regatta Workwear Trousers are best for you?

    With Regatta offering such a terrific selection of workwear trousers, it can be a long and drawn out process deciphering which is best for you and your workforce. And with that in mind, we have compiled a guide to the best Regatta workwear trousers to suit particular requirements, so you can choose the ideal trousers for your line of work much easier.
  • The Best Mens Waterproof Workwear Jackets

    So what are the best men’s water proof jackets? This is a very common question posed by online shoppers as well as our existing customers.
  • The Best Ladies Waterproof Workwear Jackets

    Buy the best ladies waterproof jackets through BHI Workwear When company buyers are looking to kit out their workforce in fully weather protective and waterproof jackets, one of the most familiar questions relates to whether the jackets are available in women’s sizes and configurations.

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