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  • TRA658 Regatta Headwind Review.

    There are more and more consumers are trying to find a good review of clothing online as to gauge whether it’s worth purchasing for a particular requirement. The premise of product reviews is to take the sting out of the tail so to speak and remove as much guess work and unknowns as possible, the only thing a review tends not to do is provide a sizing or fit guide. This is however just a question of seeking out the correct sizing guide which can be usually found on the website. Also it is worth while taking out a tape measure as peoples weight can and does fluctuate depending on the time of year Christmas and New Year’s being a good example.
  • Waterproof versus Breathability

    There seems to be some uncertainty regarding clothing which professes to be waterproof, water resistant and breathable in some consumers eyes at least.
    When any clothing is said to be waterproof, water resistant or breathable this is true to a point and that point is where most people take exception and feel there is a misleading quality to the garment.
  • Best Approach For Workwear Suppliers

    Great Workwear Clothing and Uniforms for Every Budget by Regatta

    One of the most rewarding parts of my job is securing a quote for work clothing then converting it to a sale. There are firms out there who may profess to have a secret, to know how to sell into people regardless of what products they are offering but the truth is all these gimmicks are just smoke and mirrors. Successful selling comes when all the requisite parts are fulfilled and the rapport with the potential new client is cemented in trust.

    Of course this is easier said than done however at Regatta Workwear we have very simple straight forward actions to ensure that we give each quote our fullest attention and try to cater for every need and requirement the client has asked for, not to sell them products with the biggest margin or clothing they won’t need.The Hardwear Range: Brand NEW Workwear
    Our philosophy is not to secure the next sale but the next 100 sales from each customer and that is only possible by building trust from the first phone call to the successful first delivery date of their workwear order. There are no guarantees they will come back for a second time but if you complete the job in good time with no hassle and the price is right the question is why wouldn’t they come back to you the second, third or fourth time?

    Barring any mistakes which were not dealt with, there should be a trust between you both which can hopefully develop because with a keen eye for detail we become their supplies who solve problems not create them and this becomes a major plus point.

    Workwear clothing like face fitting and health and safety training can be a problem that sits on someone’s desk, a problem which needs solving usually pretty quickly. Where we differ from a lot of online suppliers is our knowledge of the workwear clothing industry and what products are best suited to certain applications whether that is certification or performance based on environmental factors. We listen to the customers’ requirements, their needs and offer several options which can vary in price as well as performance. They can then see exactly what their money will get them.

    Buy great workwear clothing at the best prices online through Regatta

    Essentially the key to a lot of customer’s problems can be summed up in this short parable, “when a man walks into a DIY store looking for a drill, are they looking for a drill? No, they are looking for a hole in the wall” this is an accurate assessment of most peoples problems and work uniforms are no different.
    We recently had a new customer who wanted to revamp their image and needed something functional with great styling to give the impression they were dynamic and modern rather than stuck in the past with their garments. Regatta workwear fit the bill perfectly with a great array of softshell jackets and fleeces which thanks to great design and styling piqued the customer’s attention significantly. We quickly mocked up some images with logo’s as crude proofs to emphasise what the jackets and softshells will look like and they loved the idea.

    Another customer had a few products he had seen on our website and was looking for decisive factors to choose between them and for once the price wasn’t the issue it was performance, the products were softshells and the main focus was waterproof versus water resistance and which one to choose for their workforce.

    In reality the nature of the water proofing was not as significant as he thought thanks to a quick explanation into what the Regatta fabrics can cope with in real world situations as opposed to laboratories. This decision actually cost us money because the water resistant softshell was cheaper than the alternative however remember I said it’s not about the next sale it’s about the next 100? We fulfilled his requirements, his hole in the wall if you will and he was happy with the service knowing we were not foisting him the more expensive clothing it was about the best product for his requirements at the best price. This simple principle is key to our success and while we climb the search rankings we are steadily building a loyal customer base who can rest easy in the knowledge we will try to meet their needs rather than ours.

    Bulk Discounts on all workwea & uniform orders through Regatta

    Today price is always a concern for buyers in all firms however the more astute or experienced ones know that cheap is not always the best approach. Customers want to secure the best workwear clothing at the best prices.

    We have heard so many cases of people buying the cheap option only to have to replace them so many more times than they would have had with the more expensive option. Work boots are the main culprit however more often it’s jackets and Polo shirts which are chosen purely on price, the one adage as far as work clothing is concerned would be “you get what you pay for” and if you opt for the cheap option you could end up spending more over a given period of time. Build quality and materials play a very big part in whether workwear has longevity or not.
    I’m sure I will write something about this principle in due course.

    We can embroider or print your logo on all your workwear & Uniform orders

    Regatta offer embroidery and heat sealed printing logo on all our outdoor workwear clothing – call us today to secure the best pricing for you company brand icons to be applied to your work wear or uniform order. We offer FREE logos on all jackets and softshells in return for an endorsement from your company call us to find out more 0333 101 4030 or follow the link to find out more about all our embroidered workwear clothing

    Call us on 0333 101 4030 if you need any help or assistance with the products that we sell on our website.

  • If Having Twins Isn’t Hard Enough!!

    November 2nd 2012 was the greatest day of my life my twins Harry and Leila were born.  From this day forward my life changed beyond comprehension and to say I was not prepared for these monumental additions would be an understatement.
    Like lots of twins they were born premature and weighed only a few pounds I held them in the delivery room in complete emotional elation and very aware of their fragility. They were tiny little wrinkly things, beautiful and incredible. I fell in love at first sight.
  • Workwear: Softshells V Fleece

    Water Resistant Softshells and Fleeces by Regatta Workwear

    Everyone knows what workwear jackets look like and how they perform, big bulky perfect for heavy rain and cold wet winters, for that reason jackets are not on most customer's radar when they are looking for clothing to use for their workforce who aren't exposed to the open air for long periods. The need for jackets which aren't jackets in that sense is a very sought after premise where traditionally the typical "black fleece" has been the go to choice for individuals and firms alike and for good reason. Fleeces are warm, comfortable, professional and functional it is because of these properties they have secured wide ranging adoption from firms up and down the land. The main drawback from any fleece even the most advanced versions is the lack of inherent water resistance which makes almost every fleece very limited in outdoors application especially in the UK where it rains something like 70% of the time and the rest of the time the clouds are refilling before lashing it down again.

    Even in the summer months the weather is unpredictable however in those months workers wouldn't be using work fleeces they would be wearing polo's or T-shirts.Waterproof Workwear | Outdoor Clothing | Waterproof Workwear
    Workwear fleece Jackets are typically used in the winter months if indoors and the early spring months while the weather still has the cold snaps and biting winds but effectively limited in the great outdoors which means the same customers then need to buy water resistant jackets for their workforce.

    Buy Water Resistant Soft shell Jackets online through Regatta

    Buying two workwear products for the same staff will quickly deplete the budget unnecessarily so as there is a better option than first buying fleeces and then water resistant jackets to cope with weather issues.
    Softshells were designed to take the best assets from jackets and fleeces and none of the drawbacks, softshells are not bulky like a lot of jackets but they are inherently water resistant and can easily be treated to make them waterproof. They are as comfortable to wear as fleeces and are soft to the touch and they look even more stylish than fleeces in my opinion because as they age they do not become warped or stretched which is another drawback to fleeces. One of the best features on Regatta softshells is the functionality, they stretch as you work, cover all your potentially exposed skin and offer great warmth and breathability. 

    Workwear Softshell jackets come in a wide range of colours and design aesthetics giving them far more applicability for specialised tasks these adaptions make softshells perfect workwear clothing.
    The only issue now seems to be education allowing customers to see for themselves just how effective workwear softshells are in any given task especially outside in the cold wet British weather.
    Once people try softshells they are easily converted to using these fantastic hybrid products instead of buying jackets and fleeces separately.

    Rather than stagnate on workwear fleeces Regatta have advanced their fleece range to cater for the high demand for this type of product because no matter how great softshells are there will always be people who want workwear fleeces especially if their workforce never go outside to work. Regatta have produced the TRA644 Omicron II Waterproof Breathable fleece which as the name should suggest is waterproof so if you like the fleece design and feel then you should consider this product for your team just click on the link to go see the product.

    We have several customers who operate very large warehouses and as such the only thing they need to protect their workforce from is the cool or cold temperatures. Their workers never step outside to operate and therefore the workwear fleeces we supply them with are perfect for their requirements.
    Softshells products have developed as the next stage on from fleeces which generally results in them costing more money and in most cases is correct due to the construction process and the fabrics used.

    Bulk Discounts on all workwear fleeces and softshells through Regatta

    The choice for which workwear you require would depend on your requirements but if you or your workforce is exposed to the elements then your choice should be the softshell options as they will be more cost effective than buying fleeces and workwear jackets separately. The Regatta softshells will perform very well in the rain and the cold offering great protection and performance.

    If you need some assistance in choosing the right one for you please call 0333 101 4030.

    If you or your workforce is predominantly based indoors then all the Regatta fleeces on offer will suffice, it then becomes down to individual selections with the fleece range. For larger firms the TRF532 REgatta Thor III fleece Jacket is very popular because of the price to performance ratio in other words it's a cost effective product which keeps the workforce warm and comfortable but has no bells and whistles. These units are used all over the country in large warehouses as is the TRF543 Barricade fleecewhich offers similar economies of scale.

    Regatta offer a full logo service where we can embroider or print on all your workwear & uniforms

    Regatta offer embroidery and heat sealed printing logo on all our outdoor workwear clothing – call us today to secure the best pricing for you company brand icons to be applied to your work wear or uniform order. We offer FREE logos on all jackets and softshells in return for an endorsement from your company call us to find out more 0333 101 4030 or follow the link to find out more about all our embroidered workwear clothing


  • Outdoor Clothing, Workwear and Waterproof Buying Options

    Waterproof Jackets for the Great Outdoors

    With the arrival of our new Regatta Workwear website we have developed a way of shopping for outdoor clothing, work clothing, waterproofs and sportswear which is based on needs rather than an open forum where there can actually be too much choice.
    The old site and like almost every ecommerce website presents the customer or visitor with a wide range of trousers, jackets, softshells, boilersuits, boots etc with new clear direction based upon benefits or requirements. It’s down to the customer to decide what they want rather than being guided to the correct area. In itself this idea is not a bad one it’s just not very informative and easy to navigate and really does rely on two key factors: 1, the customer having knowledge of the products your website offers and 2, these customers have the time to browse dozens of products and make a decision based upon a balanced assessment which is often open to interpretation. Outdoor Clothing | Waterproof Jackets | Workwear Clothing

    These two requirements are very, very rare in today’s ecommerce sector and with good reason, it’s fantastic to get repeat business in fact that should always be a primary focus for any business but the reality in order to grow you need new customers who may or may not be familiar to your products. You need to help and educate them, to convert them by providing something they want in a short time or they will leave your website in search for another who meets their requirements. There are several ways this can be achieved and should best suit your products and depends on the level and instruments of communication.

    One way we are developing is to group together clothing products that fulfil certain requirements backed up by a telephone number they can call to speak to someone who can help them make the right decision or explain their options.
    The second factor is incredibly rare certainly in the Facebook age where people want results immediately and have no time to fumble around websites looking for that one workwear clothing product they need. These customers have a requirement in mind, a performance necessity and they have a limited amount of time to find it. If they click on a website and the clothing is presented in a way where they have to browse through every jacket or trousers people now will just go back to the search engine and restart their search excluding your company website.

    Regatta will assist you fully in choosing the right workwear clothing for you or your company

    Time is a scarcity most websites no longer enjoy, in today’s online platform there is almost too much choice and consumers are becoming very impatient in terms of finding results through saturation and the white noise being pumped out.
    Clothing brands such as Regatta Workwear are not sold in one or two places online so every site has a few seconds to grab attention, increase the confidence and deliver on the customer’s requirements, fail at this at your own peril. We did and it’s taken a long time to get the basics right before we moved on to produce a hub where customers can choose what they want in a few clicks.
    Regatta workwear has several access points to meet as many people’s expectations as we can, points like the category titles (Jackets, Softshells, Fleece etc) on the left hand side of the home page the true innovation takes place in the middle of the home page we have selected 6 sections which lead to clothing and products collections which are designated: Workwear, Outdoor Clothing, Activewear, Waterproofs, Videos and Special Products.

    Regatta Clothing ideal for work or play

    Each section holds certain Regatta work clothing products which meet the title requirements. The waterproofs section only having waterproof products by Regatta and Dare2B, products which are made from Isotex fabrics, Isolite and waterproof polyesters. Products on offer in this section will be the Packaway jacket and Hardwear products such as the Regatta 3-in-1 Generator jacket.

    This section can be used by those customers who need waterproof clothing for tasks like walking the dog, gardening, DIY or indeed workwear which is what the Professional range by Regatta is designed for. The section will have mixtures of  jackets, trousers and other complementary products in one place rather than navigating all around to get what you need which makes it easier to multi buy products in one area.

    Great Workwear | Waterproof Jackets | Work Fleeces

    Buy Workwear clothing and uniforms online through Regatta

    The workwear section has nothing but children’s and pantomime clothing displayed, joking of course because this section has the best selection of the Regatta Professional ranges and the new Hardwear range which is perfect for workwear clothing requirements. There are the selected Waterproof Workwear clothing; Jackets, softshells, trousers etc we know work well in the field and are popular because of this. You can see TRJ330 action trousers alongside the Hardwear TRA136 Generator jacket which will help the customer visualise the compatibility again the aim is to place associated products alongside each other.

    Regatta Outdoor Waterproof Clothing covers the ever increasing number of leisure pursuits undertaken outside in the wild as it were. Walking, Mountaineering, Sailing, DIY, Snowboarding you name it we will provide a selection of jackets, softshells, gloves, Dare2B and Regatta clothing which will be designed to meet those requirements like the TRA658 Headwind softshell and the TRA137 Evader jackets which we have sold to winter sports enthusiasts as much as those who like walking in the amazing national parks we have. There are other options available in the outdoor clothing field which will meet with economic approval and those which will meet with specific performance appeal. However the great thing about Regatta products is cost, you can acquire a premium jacket designed for high performance for a fraction of the price of other brands.

    The Activewear section covers the Dare2B ranges and other products we and indeed other customers selected to be in there. Activewear includes everything from snowboarding to running and cycling and with our added ability to logo your purchases your activewear products will be personalised to your own specification with consummate ease.
    We can and do logo all Regatta and Dare2B products by both printing and embroidery and we have offers for bulk purchases please call us for more information this includes all jackets, fleece and softshells in the full range.

    Overall the new experience we hope to offer will provide you with as much information as you can digest without over stating our presence. As we develop more and more we will be adding reviews of products for a real world sense of application and other content designed to give you a firm view and understanding of how all the Regatta clothing looks and functions.
    To visit the relevant pages you desire please either follow the links or navigate at the top of this page to the sections. Call us on0333 101 4030 if you need any more information about our range of product.

    All workwear clothing by Regatta can be embroidered with your company logo, call to find out more

    Regatta offer embroidery and heat sealed printing logo on all our outdoor workwear clothing – call us today to secure the best pricing for you company brand icons to be applied to your work wear or uniform order. We offer FREE logos on all jackets and softshells in return for an endorsement from your company call us to find out more 0333 101 4030 or follow the link to find out more about all our embroidered workwear clothing

  • Waterproof Workwear by Regatta

    Waterproof Work Wear Jackets By Regatta

    We all know the score it happens almost every year, we have a cold horrific winter then we get a day or two of fine weather before the rain starts and the cold temperatures sneak back in like an uninvited guest with social interaction problems.  Each year people make the same assumptions with their workwear clothing and they only seem to buy the waterproof clothes when it starts to rain and by the looks of the weather outside that is about 10 minutes away.
    There is an old outdated theory that workwear and waterproof clothing are two mutually exclusive entities and never one and the same, sounds as daft as it does writing it believe me.

    Most workwear clothing today tends to be made from polycottons and polyester weaves which can be inherently water resistant especially the polyester clothing. Polycottons are used in trouser construction because of several factors, comfort, price, and durability being a few however seldom do workwear brands produce trousers which are inherently waterproof or water resistant so most workers end up having waterproof jackets but not leg wear. In the cold wet driving rain in the spring months (in the UK it’s any day ending in “Y” regardless of the season) it really is unacceptable to be half protected from wet conditions or to have additional workwear products like over-trousers as “solutions”.Waterproof Jackets | Outdoor Clothing | Weather Proof Workwear

    Buy Waterproof Workwear Clothing online through Regatta

    Regatta Workwear has a solution for these situations and it’s so simple it’s almost too simple. Why not buy workwear trousers that are (wait for it) waterproof or at least water resistant to work in?!
    The old theory about comfort is easily dismissed because Regatta use Polycotton weaves in their trouser construction but add other fabrics and treatment to make the trousers tough, durable and lightweight and easily able to handle most tasks.

    There are Regatta trousers like the TRJ323 Premium workwear trousers which have knee pad pockets for those workers who spend time on their knees. Most of the Workwear trousers available to buy are made from a polyester heavy ratio mix so in the rain they tend to repel the rain rather than soak it up.

    There are also great waterproof trousers by Regatta which will protect the wearer and can be easily stored after use or when the sun comes out.

    Okay so that’s trousers reviewed let’s look at the upper body, depending on the jobs most workers will have jackets which are water resistant but often at a cost to functionality, performance or breathability. The workwear jackets are made from polyester which is great at keeping the moisture out but can also trap the moisture in so the workers will be constantly slopping around in their own perspiration. Workers need work jackets which wicks moisture away from their bodies and allow it to dissipate freely from the jacket in a way that also provides no heat loss to the wearer. Many brands offer Durable waterproof workwear clothing with no breathability or they do but at a premium price which often dissuades from further consideration.

    Waterproof & Breathable Jackets By Regatta Workwear

    These jackets can lack thermo enhancements which could mean in practical terms you have waterproof jackets which also collect sweat and offer no heat retention so when you do cease activity you will be cold and wet on the inside. We know this first hand as we have dealt with a few new customers who bought the “cheap” waterproof jackets for their workwear and were more than displeased with the results and have resolved to find better waterproof clothing for the next time it rains.
    Regatta have some truly great waterproof clothing, the jackets being one of ranges which offer full weather protection including wind, effective breathability from their jackets and engineered with properties like Thermo Guard which traps the bodies heat by insulating air in between fibres of the workwear very much like nature has done for millions of years with animals coats.  Regatta also engineer waterproof/water resistant softshell and fleeces in order to match the user’s requirements perfectly.

    Bulk Discounts on all Waterproof Workwear Clothing through Regatta

    The best thing is the price, workwear clothing which looks great and performs like leisurewear but cost the same as some home brand goods from certain large retail brands. The more astute consumers have been buying workwear to use at home because of these reasons and now we have the Regatta site up and really running you can see exactly why.

    We can Embroider or Print your logo on all your workwear clothing

    Regatta offer embroidery and heat sealed printing logo on all our outdoor workwear clothing – call us today to secure the best pricing for you company brand icons to be applied to your work wear or uniform order. We offer FREE logos on all jackets and softshells in return for an endorsement from your company call us to find out more 0333 101 4030 or follow the link to find out more about all our embroidered workwear clothing

    Anyway this was supposed to be a quick blog entry slash rant about the current weather but you get the idea. We now have the new website to provide the best service and information about Regatta clothing and Dare2B Teamwear products.
    If you need any help or assistance regarding the products on our website give us a call on 0333 101 4030.

  • Regatta Workwear Clothing

    Waterproof Clothing Designed to be used as Workwear and Uniforms

    There are a great many people who recognise Regatta as a leisurewear brand who produce the type of clothing perfect for wet and windy walks. There are not so many who know that they now produce first class workwear clothing with the added advantage of all the assets of the leisure design and build. The need and requirement for robust and waterproof work clothing is high especially when you consider the UK is exposed to 70% chance of rain most days in certain seasons.

    We at Regatta are all too familiar with the demand for this type of clothing from our customers and our own research we have seen the existing workwear is, well, a bit unimaginative and lacks quality styling. Form as well as function should be the nature of our work clothing and we aim to generate high performance clothing which has a pleasing aesthetic look for the wearer to feel great while working.Waterproof & Breathable Jackets | Tough & Durable Workwear Clothing

    he work clothing backed up by the necessary performance required to meet the demands placed upon it.

    Uniforms and Work Wear Clothing Which Looks Great

    In essence the workwear has become more like streetwear.

    While Regatta can’t claim to be the first mover we know a few things that other brands don’t, we started off as a leisurewear company so we have the styling formats to compete with the best. Our reputation was forged by producing excellent waterproof work wear clothing over 30 years so we know a few things about how to protect people from horrendous weather.

    Our genesis was born out of some pretty dark times in the 1980’s in Manchester which was originally settled because of its wet atmosphere and cool climate to keep the textiles being produced damp and workable. The 80’s were dire like most cities we had Thatcher perverting the course of humanity and the scene setting of the Rochdale canal being pertinent and very LS Lowry but out of the dystopic and depressing mire sprang some seriously vivid and vibrant sparks which laid the foundations for the great city Manchester is today. We were there and in some part we helped forge the city like a thousand other companies and firms.

    Bulk Discounts on all Workwear clotthing and Uniforms through Regatta

    Because Manchester is so wet it made sense to sell waterproof jackets and that was the original spark. From a market stall to a £100 million turnover company is not bad going and we won’t stop their we have built our foundations on innovation and development so we can produce clothing which performs exceptionally well without breaking the budget of any workwear buyer.

    The newest addition to our growing stable is the new hardware range which has been designed to be extra resistant to abrasions and the demands of construction sites and trade environments.

    If you are looking to buy great workwear clothing by Regatta call us on 0333 101 4030 if you have any queries.

    Regatta offer embroidery and heat sealed printing logo on all our outdoor workwear clothing – call us today to secure the best pricing for you company brand icons to be applied to your work wear or uniform order. We offer FREE logos on all jackets and softshells in return for an endorsement from your company call us to find out more 0333 101 4030 or follow the link to find out more about all our embroidered work wear clothing

  • Update To New Workwear Website

    Workwear Clothing Easily Quoted

    With the new Regatta Workwear website now live and running we have made some key changes thanks to some challenging factors over the last few months which seem to affect online shopping for our clothing. On the whole the first generation of Regatta workwear was successful however there were always a few niggles which we have tried to iron out in this new website design and I will address some here today.

    The new workwear clothing site is designed to cope with overseas sales as well as UK domestic sales, before we had a flat rate of shipping regardless of where the customer was in the world when they bought their clothing. This caused a few issues and refunds because we couldn’t ship for that amount it just wasn’t economically viable to ship to Moldova as of this new website we have geographically designated zones which take into account the weights of the goods so we can give prices based on countries, continents and if the Royal Mail buck up their ideas even planets, joking, there is no way the Royal Mail will become that efficient. This is still in the testing phase but will become live soon enough.Black Fleece Offers | Regatta Workwear Offers | Bulk Discounts

    The big issue most people had was the VAT element which we knew about from the start and it has been a pain for us also as well as a barrier to new customers who were not informed about the VAT until they came to pay by which time the price jumped up because of the carriage and the 20% tax addition. We personally called so many people to enquire as to why they had not paid for their clothing after adding their details and the unanimous answer was the VAT charge.

    Call us for all and any Workwear Questions 0333 101 4030

    Please accept our apologises regarding that problem it has been on our to-do list since day one. We have now fixed this issue and the price is clearly represented on the pages on each product before you even click to buy the clothing. Most workwear users/buyers are VAT registered and as such always require quotes for prices ex VAT of course a lot more of our customers are not registered and as such they were under the impression we were charging them more for our own gain. This was never the case but we understand where that perception may have come from

    Buy Durable Waterproof Work Wear Clothing online through Regatta

    As an outdoor clothing supplier we are always faced with the challenge of making sure we give as much information about our products as we can to ensure customers buy the correct sizes, colours and indeed the correct work clothing product. Trousers have been a challenge as people are not always aware of the sizes of their waist and the leg length so we will update the sizing guide so each product will be accompanied by a visual in the Full Details section of the official Regatta Sizing guide. All customers need do then is measure their waist so they don’t have to re send their order back and waist time and possibly pay more money in handling charges. If you are unsure then please call us and discuss the options available.
    Luckily Regatta Workwear clothing has a very good fit so in terms of their trousers a 34” waist they actually are a true 34” waist and you won’t need to get the next size up or down.  
    More over to these changes we are looking into bringing you an easier buying experience as our new shopping cart is quick and very straightforward unlike the other clunky version which was not user friendly this new check out will be intuitive and relatively painless.

    Bulk discounts on all Workwear & Uniform orders through Regatta

    On the whole we have made some very necessary changes to the site which if you are new to Regatta workwear then don’t worry you’ve missed all the fun!
    We have added Dare2B Teamwear onto our new site in the active wear page.

    Regatta offer embroidery and heat sealed printing logo on all our outdoor workwear clothing – call us today to secure the best pricing for you company brand icons to be applied to your work wear or uniform order. We offer FREE logos on all jackets and softshells in return for an endorsement from your company call us to find out more 0333 101 4030 or follow the link to find out more about all our embroidered work wear clothing

    What we aim to do with this new site is create a needs based shopping experience which will help with your choices and complimenting Regatta products.
    If you wish to visit the home page please either click on this link or click on the “home” option at the top of the page. The same can be said for all the ranges we offer.
    If you need anything further then please call us on 0333 101 4030 it’s a local number and you will speak to a specialist.

  • Workwear - Durable Regatta Clothing

    Durable Clothing and great workwear by Regatta There are many workwear brands operating the world over today but only a few of these brands occupy the upper echelons of the tier. See the full range of workwear Regatta

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