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  • Wet, Windy and Wild

    What a title, almost sounds salacious and suggestive – It is but not in the way your dirty little minds would think!
  • Inadvertent Pain Points

    In a crowded market place where every supplier is talking about price it’s easy to miss any discussion regarding value. Do the suppliers offer real value or just perceived value (low prices)? Do they identify the tangible or intrinsic value when working with them?
  • Network rail – Provider Solutions and Shortfalls

    News broke last week that the UK Rail Regulator is ordering Network Rail to ramp up spending on upgrades across the entire network to improve the reliability and boost safety
  • Why BHI do things differently

    Well we’re on another day where BHI can pass on a little wisdom so let’s begin with a rather insightful quote which is timeless: “If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” – Zig Ziglar
  • Has Buying Online Replaced Human Contact

    Half Of B2B Buyers Make Up Their Mind Before Talking To Sales Reps At first glance this could strike fear into sales people, reps and SME’s and other business owners. The online age is touted as being the replacement for a lot of outmoded mechanisms – But is everything as it seems?
  • Is Branding Important For Your Business

    How important is branding and perception for your business – Truthfully? We are not talking about the blue chips like #coke, #pepsi, #Mcdonalds, #Apple, #BMW etc we’re talking about the SME’s. Local operations which are making great headway in their respective fields.
  • Importance of Great Branding

    It seems funny how certain branding principles are forgotten or overlooked when companies embark on new strategies and promotions especially when the “guilty” company is a huge corporation who should know better.
  • People Buy Benefits

    While the title may be a term associated with advertising and marketing firms it is true even if buyers are not conscious of the notion. The example of the man walking into a DIY store looking for a drill is essentially looking for a hole in his wall. It doesn’t really matter what drill he buys as along as it will do what it says on the “tin” as it were.
  • A Better Way to Order

    In a dynamic landscape of change how do business operations capitalise on the best solutions available? It’s a perpetual question. Every firm is looking for the “silver bullet” to take them to the next level in an almost grandiose “look at us” type of fashion which is commendable as every firms needs to look to the future to ensure their existence.
  • Do You Want a Sale Or a Solution

    Have you heard the anecdote about the Drill? A man walks into a large well-known DIY store looking for a drill, he finds the correct aisle and begins to browse through the many different brands, models and configurations. After several minutes of confusion, he seeks out an assistant to help him select the right product for his needs.

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