Nourish's Brand New Signs by BHI Workwear

BHI Workwear and BH Print Manufactured Nourish’s Shop Sigange

BHI Workwear have worked with some great companies over the years.
Companies and brands who are both successful as well as astute enough to be able to make their lives easier and more efficient by working to certain ideals which ultimately benefits their customers.
Whether they are placing orders for workwear, corporatewear, uniforms, PPE or printed signs or for other consumables their main objective is to make the buying process as efficient as possible to deliver the best products and services for their customer base.

Nourish are a very good example of a company with strong ideals, message and mission. An exceptional company and one that a great deal of other companies could learn from.
Their message is clear they make great tasting healthy food in a “fast food” setting familiar to many who have ventured into the multitude of unhealthy “fast food” venues.

Nourish brand new Shop Signage by BHI Workwear & BH Print Nourish brand new Shop Signage by BHI Workwear and BH Print

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BHI Workwear and BH Print have worked with Nourish and their leadership team for several years to ensure we encapsulate the Nourish brand ideals in both their working uniforms as well as the shop façade, signage and food labels.
The artwork is intricate and necessarily so to fully inform their customers exactly what the meals contain in terms of ingredients as well as the nutritional values.

This attention to detail benefits the dedicated body builder and athletes as much as the everyday man or woman on the street who are just looking to shed a few pounds before their summer holiday.
A great benefit that Nourish holds over other fast food companies is the wide variety of choice and the way they have made traditional healthy foods delicious without resorting to processed elements and the need to pack in condiments and “special” sauces to “improve” the taste.
The menu changes on a regular basis and is filled with great tasting dishes often considered to be “unhealthy” such as their vanilla cheesecakes.

If you take a look at you can see exactly what they do and you can see what BHI Workwear and BH Print in conjunction with Nourish have produced.
BHI Workwear very recently refitted their shop front in central Sheffield with the new Nourish logo and to repair a careless delivery driver’s damage.

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