• Do You Want a Sale Or a Solution

    Have you heard the anecdote about the Drill? A man walks into a large well-known DIY store looking for a drill, he finds the correct aisle and begins to browse through the many different brands, models and configurations. After several minutes of confusion, he seeks out an assistant to help him select the right product for his needs.
  • Brand and Perception

    Everybody knows the value of great branding and how a brand is perceived can influence habits from buying and trust to active avoidance and mistrust.
  • What Do Customers Want?

    How many business pages are published on LinkedIn which begin with a brief origin story before developing into some kind of chest beating pomposity of how fantastic they are? This approach must be considered standard practice, yet It belies the notion of how each company is actually perceived by projecting their own narrative of how they would like to be seen. Every brand is going to present their business as the best, no one is going to state they are “good most of the time” for fear of diminished optics.
  • Pulsar Navy Combat Trousers Offer from £9.99 ex VAT a pair*

    BHI have stock of P513 Pulsar Combat trousers in navy. These are premium workwear combat trousers, fit for all types of operations - Great Combat trousers, Premium quality and value at a price we can barely believe.
  • Buy Rocksalt to Avoid Snowmageddon Next Year

    As the snow melts and the prospect of black ice and floods greets the UK just in time for the work week what lessons can we take from the Beast from the East? While its was classed as a freak storm and weather front how many years do we seldom see heavy snow, freezing temperatures, ice and treacherous conditions? The answer is non, despite what the environ-mentalists proclaim.
  • BHI Workwear Has Moved

    BHI Workwear Have Moved House Some of you may already know but we moved premises over the past couple of weeks to bigger and better facilities, one of the by-products of rapidly expanding.
  • BHI Workwear Away Day at the SME & Samaritans Golf Day

    BHI Workwear Tried to Smash the Ball On Monday the 8th of August 2016 BHI Workwear took part in the SME and Samaritans Charity golf day at Rotherham Golf Course in Thrybergh made famous for the course Danny Willet honed his significant golf skills.
  • Nourish's Brand New Signs by BHI Workwear

    BHI Workwear and BH Print Manufactured Nourish’s Shop Sigange BHI Workwear have worked with some great companies over the years. Companies and brands who are both successful as well as astute enough to be able to make their lives easier and more efficient by working to certain ideals which ultimately benefits their customers. Whether they are placing orders for workwear, corporatewear, uniforms, PPE or printed signs or for other consumables their main objective is to make the buying process as efficient as possible to deliver the best products and services for their customer base.
  • BHI Workwear Corporatewear Offer Summer 2016

    Right then you lucky people BHI Workwear have a great corporatewear offer for you and your respective firms. We are currently offer all corporatewear at discounted prices with shirt prices starting from £7.00 ex VAT.
  • BHI Workwear Sponsors 4Challenge

    BHI Workwear have sponsored the 4Challenge Cycle Ride for Weston Park Cancer Charity because of the real tangible value of the cause! Great work to everyone involved!

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