If Having Twins Isn’t Hard Enough!!

November 2nd 2012 was the greatest day of my life my twins Harry and Leila were born.  From this day forward my life changed beyond comprehension and to say I was not prepared for these monumental additions would be an understatement.
Like lots of twins they were born premature and weighed only a few pounds I held them in the delivery room in complete emotional elation and very aware of their fragility. They were tiny little wrinkly things, beautiful and incredible. I fell in love at first sight.

As a precaution we had to stay in hospital for a couple of weeks, this time was worrying but it gave us chance to ensure we had all the equipment, clothing and paraphernalia needed to look after two brand new gorgeous additions to our family.Beautiful Twin Babies
We bought sterilisers for this, sterilisers for that, a million dummies, cups, bottles, bouncers, chairs, toys, beds, changing mats, clothes, so many clothes and so on. We bought things for every eventuality possible, we even bought two beds for when they get older which I set up in their rooms before they were born but the funny thing is we are just in the process of moving home and I have the fine job of taking two brand new, unused beds to bits to then reassemble them in our new home.

The joys of being a father I suppose I am now Mr Fix it, fetch it and carry it couple this with no gym time I am now going to have dress like a dad. Functional clothing which can be easily cleaned or binned when covered in baby excretions at least for the time being.
Out of all the items we bought there is only one I regret; the Motorola MBP28-2 Twin Camera Baby Monitor. The first problem we experienced was that the batteries included in the “parent” handset which are product specific for this product and they are NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride Battery for you geeks) which lose up to 20% of their charge on the first day and 4% per day there after which when you panic buy like we did when you actually come to use the monitors 6 months later the unit lasts about 20 minutes before you have to plug it back in which is simply awesome when you need to know if your babies are in distress or not.

The second problem is that you have the ability to play a lullaby on the camera units but this isn’t accessible from the parent unit, you have to manually press it on the camera units which while it may sound pedantic we live in an age when this could be controlled remotely via an app or zap or whatever c*ap. If I had the voice I’d sing to them myself, mind you if I had the voice I wouldn’t writing this and someone else would be singing to my kids.
The information page on the website we purchased from said “The video features a  2” colour screen” it should have read “the video features a 2” distorted, heavily pixelated, blur of colours which you have to squint to vaguely see the shape of your babies” it is poor to say the least. The next major floor for us was the sound only kicks in if the sound get louder so if one baby is rustling and moving around but is asleep the monitor will not pick up any more noise until the ambient sound reaches a higher level which personally having premature twins and being concerned and nervous parents we would have preferred the sound to be much more sensitive.
When compared to something like the BT Digital video monitor 1000 and for the same kind of price it is a no brainer when it comes to buying a baby monitor. Click here to see this monitor for example.

The sound is ultra-clear and at the perfect sensitivity for us. Be careful however if you have seen the film Hall Pass you really don’t want your kids hearing some of the nonsense you talk because you couldn’t distinguish between units. The screen is a 2.8” LCD colour screen which is much clearer then the Motorola and you are able to see your baby’s features from 2 metres. 
I paid £139.00 for the Motorola six months ago and now I understand it is now available for £69.99 from various places which is still overpriced, we’re selling ours for 2 grains of rice and an ice cube postage is not included however!!  In hindsight we should have waited to buy the better monitor as the twins are 6 months old now and we have only just thought about putting them to bed. That said I would expect a lot more from a product that was £139.00 six months ago.
It may sound like a rant, well it is a rant. Life is already challenging and we don’t need misleading sales guff offering benefits it cannot provide.

In reality I’m a bit peeved as I used to buy jeans and Shirts for £140.00 now I’m stuck buying bulk clothing for around that price.
Oh if you are wondering why I was hung up on the baby monitors screen to see my kids just look at the picture in this blog and you can see why I wouldn’t want to miss a single second of their lives.

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