How Can BHI help you select the Correct Workwear Clothing

Choose the correct work wear clothing first time around

The question of “How Can BHI help you select the correct workwear clothing the very first time?” may seem arrogant and boastful perhaps, but the sentiment is correct especially when dealing with many different factors including budgets.

"Where did you get all your good judgment?
Where did you get all your experience?
-Poor judgment. "

BHI Workwear like many work clothing suppliers have our fair share of clients who have for one reason or another fell foul of a previous blunder either on their behalf or a suppliers.
The problems which usually arise are the workwear clothing doesn’t perform to the expected standards or they are woefully short of any practical functionality leaving the workers exposed and not a happy bunch.

A primary focus should always be to choose the best workwear clothing the first time of asking by working with a professional and competent supplier who can outline all aspects for you, the customer, to make a well informed decision.

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Workwear clothing is not a cost, it’s an investment.

An example we have would be a firm buying 50 waterproof jackets for their workforce which on the face of it should be a simple, straightforward order. When asked for further details about the roles and functions the workwear jackets would be exposed to, the answer was loading and unloading cargo, boxes, and freight in and around ports.
The issue of breathability was quickly identified as this would make the insides of the jackets quite wet and to a certain point impractical when the workers will be so active. In short sweat would generate and collect on the inside of the jackets which would make them very uncomfortable to wear.
The concerns were dismissed as the waterproof and breathable workwear jackets were approx. £10.00 more expensive which equates to an additional £500.00 on the current quote.

Great corporatewear ideas by BHI Workwear Great corporatewear ideas by BHI Workwear

This seems quite reasonable as most buyers have work clothing budgets which have to be respected and adhered to.
However after 3 weeks of using the jackets, there was call to say that they had started to smell and look shabby with the logo started to peel off.
This was a bit of a concern so we investigated to see what the problem was and why the jackets had “failed” to perform in the clients eyes.
We received a waterproof jacket back to see if there was a fault with the batch of products.
They looked grubby, the logo was warped and peeling off and there was an odour that smelled very similar to a gym changing room.

We called to find out more information particularly about the way the digital printed and heat sealed logo’s had warped and peeled.
To make a short story long, their workers had complained about the jackets leaking inside the sleeves which was found to be perspiration which also caused the workwear jackets to start to smell as they had been wearing them day in day out.
The solution some of the workers had undertaken was a boil wash the jackets with so much washing detergent it would melt wrought iron.
The idea was to clean the waterproof jackets of all the bacteria from the perspiration however the outcome was to weaken the work wear structure, diminish the waterproof fabric properties and essentially remove the logo from the garments.

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After we had compiled the report we went back to our client who had by this time seen and heard what was actually going on with the clothing and the workers, they were very gracious and understanding even acknowledging it was essentially their fault that they had not chosen the breathable and waterproof workwear jacket option.
This was a painful exercise for them as the cost of replacing the jackets with more viable alternatives was increased as they had paid for 50 essentially ruined or useless jackets as well as buying 50 new garments not to mention the down time the firm had to cope with while we processed the new order.
The moral of this story as the quote states; you get your good judgement from experience and you gain experience from your poor judgement.

This episode will be the last time that client will knowingly buy unsuitable workwear clothing.
Although our advice was not ultimately undertaken until after a problem, we still proffered our options so at the very least the client had all the relevant facts and information so they could make an informed decision.
Whether the clients choose to disregard that advice is largely beyond our control however whenever possible we will advise you specifically what workwear clothing you will need based upon your own requirements.

This should lead to a successful application of all our waterproof workwear clothing within any given working environment.

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