Great Workwear Softshell Jackets by Regatta for Spring Summer 2015

2015 Water Resistant Workwear Jackets by Regatta

It’s that time of year again when we at BHI Workwear start to promote the lighter weight water resistant jackets known as softshells to our customers.
As the weather starts to improve, at least in temperature, there is historically less demand for the thicker weatherproof jackets and a need for something as protective but with a little more functionality for both indoor and outdoor work.

Great Workwear Softshells by Regatta Clothing Buy Jackets by Regatta online through BHI Workwear

Buy Jackets by Regatta online through BHI Workwear

Regatta Soft Shell jackets are without question some of the most effective warm and protective workwear clothing garments available for workers and tradesmen.
Regatta Softshell jackets offer great value for money with a pricing structure of a no-name brand but with superior performance of a recognised label.

Okay so enough of the hard sell, the real gem of all softshell jackets not just Regatta ones but certainly the ones worth their salt is the inherent water resistance and thermal performance.
Most softshells border on waterproof in nature it’s only due to the seams not being sealed that they cannot be promoted as such.
Great examples of weather protective work wear softshell jackets are the TRA656 Regatta Octagon, TRA672 Regatta Dropzone, TRA677 Regatta Peakzone II and the TRA650 Hydroforce waterproof soft shell jacket.

BHI Workwear offer great prices when you order Jackets by Regatta online

These jackets are perfect for wet weather work as well as for those cold or cool mornings when a fleece jacket just cannot offer a viable level of protection.
That brings me on to a very good point when it comes to Fleece garments as opposed to softshells, most people assume that fleeces are the way to go when they need something to wear over polo’s or T-Shirts this thought process is based upon an old way of thinking and certainly not true today.

You can buy Jackets by Regatta online of by calling our team direct on either 0333 101 4030 or 01709 918 766 to speak to our sales team

Softshell jackets hold all the advantages of fleeces such as warmth and comfort but with none of their drawbacks in relation to poor weather performance.
Softshells like the ones mentioned above are ideal for work and for leisuretime especially the new 2015 range By Regatta.

BHI Workwear Offer Bulk Order Discounts and FREE* Logo Service

BHI Workwear pride ourselves on offering great value for money as well as giving that little extra service whether that is for someone looking for a walking jacket or a firms buyer looking to order new workwear clothing for their workforce.
We offer trade workwear accounts, bulk order discounts across all our work clothing products and other items.
We have dedicated account managers who will advise you rather than sell into you which will hopefully add value to your experience with us.
Our aim is to supplier all our clients with Regatta workwear clothing that they require rather than what suits our bottom line the best.

All Our workwear clothing can be personalised with company logos or custom artwork.
BHI offers embroidery and heat sealing in house which reduces the time down to source logo application elsewhere.
Our design team can advise on best practice as well as help create new logos if needed.

All these services are available to everyone. Call 0333 101 4030 or email

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