Embroidered Workwear, Corporatewear and Uniform Logo Service

BHI Workwear provide embroidered workwear, corporatewear and uniforms

When sourcing workwear clothing, corporatewear and uniforms the buyer will often assume that they have to organise embroidery or logo application through a third party probably near them in geographical location. This may be true of some clothing suppliers but not BHI Workwear - we can apply all brand logos in-house. BHI offer a full logo service which incorporates both heat sealed printing and embroidery as well as other forms of brand identifiers (Sublimation, Screen Printing and Signage). To keep things really simple all our workwear clothing, corporatewear and uniforms are compatible with embroidery which can be applied on the breast areas as well as the arms and if you are feeling flush we can embroider you brand logo onto the backs of jackets and fleeces. Most workwear jackets, polo’s, trousers and softshells are responsive to heat seal printing it’s only a couple of jackets and fleeces which are not responsive due to the fabrics used in their construction. The nature of fleece material would always place it into the embroidered logo category and if there is any doubt we will clarify further with a follow up phone call us to discuss your embroidered workwear options.

BHI Workwear supply some of the worlds leading brands with their uniforms embroidered BHI Workwear supply some of the worlds leading brands with their uniforms embroidered

FREE logos on all workwear, corporatewear and uniforms through BHI - Call us to find out more

BHI Workwear offer bespoke deals on all our corporatewear, uniforms and workwear clothing which will invariably incorporate a logo deal – There has been a long standing offer of FREE logo printing on the purchase of 5 or more jackets (up to a max order of 20) which offers greater value when a company is looking to emboss their logo on new uniforms and workwear clothing. The maximum amount of 20 jackets is negotiable like all our prices this is simply to be used as a guide.  We try to make the logo application process as simple and smooth as possible keeping you in the loop at every point and making sure you see proofs before we proceed. This is important for 2 great reasons it allows you the customer to see what the representation will look like before we go ahead and to remove any presumptions that we may interpret which could result in garments which are useless. If in doubt call our team to discuss the embroidered workwear options

BHI offer the best pricing on all embroidered workwear and printed logos

When looking to place your workwear, corporatewear or uniform order simply call us on 0333 101 4030 to discuss both your bulk discounts and your logo requirements, all we need to give an embroidery quote is a jpeg image file which will give us an indication of colours and stitch count. Once we have the image we can work on the quote – as a rule each front left breast embroidered logo will be around £3.00 ex VAT based on 1 colour. Pricing for embroidery is based upon the number of colours and stitch count of each logo – the more colours the more the technician has to change heads and threads which takes more time and more stitching uses more thread increasing costs. So a 3 colour logo placed on the back of a jacket (220mm in width) would come in around £12.00 ex VAT and as such is cost prohibitive.

Bulk discounts on all workwear clothing through BHI Workwear

Heat sealed logos don’t have such restrictions so the same logo printed and attached to the backs of the jackets will cost much less – around £5.00 ex VAT – that is if you don’t take advantage of our FREE logo offer. Call us to discuss what Regatta can offer you – 0333 101 4030 or email sales@bh-i.com

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We have offers everyday where you can secure FREE printing on certain garments such as jackets and T-Shirts.

To find out more call us 0333 101 4030.