Durable Workwear & Uniform clothing - All you need to know

What value does durable workwear & uniform clothing have?

There are some very important prerequisites which need to be established before choosing the best workwear or uniform clothing for you or your firm.
Is the work clothing durable, functional, protective and does it offer great performance?
Is the price right in relation to performance or is the price right for the budget at that particular point?

These points are ultimately what need to be considered either subconsciously or consciously before the customer buys the workwear clothing in order to actually achieve a justifiable return on investment.
A key point which does need to be clarified here is that great workwear clothing should always be considered a good investment for many reasons and not simply an expense which should be minimised at all costs.

Great Workwear, uniforms and corporate clothing should be seen as an investment not a cost

This article looks primarily at durability and the robustness of uniforms and work clothing.

Durable Workwear clothing is a must and is the most ubiquitous element which is necessary for all work clothing and uniforms to be considered for operational use.
Workwear is a generic term and depending on with whom you speak and where they work will result in different examples of what the word means however no matter where the worker operates the same requirement to have durable work clothing is a must.
Durability literally means to withstand wear, pressure or damage which is essential when looking for practical clothing to perform in varying tasks.
Traditionally durability was increased by using thicker fabric on the work clothing which did improve the longevity at the cost of performance and functionality.
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Today great work clothing and uniform brands use multiple fabrics and materials at strategic points to increase the robustness of the garments without compromising the functionality and performance.
Fabrics such as Kevlar are used in work wear trousers especially on the knee pad areas as this material is extremely hard wearing for those more abrasive environments.
Cordura is widely used for similar reasons as it offers better economies compared to the more exotic fabric variations like Kevlar.

Increased durability should not impact the performance of the workwear, uniforms or PPE

There are more elemental components used in the workwear construction that actively increases the clothing’s harder wearing capabilities these range from triple stitching to complex fabric overlays.
Triple stitching is used in a wide variety of polo shirts, jackets and more prevalent in work wear trousers used in construction or the trades however today more and more corporatewear and office uniforms are strengthened triple stitching
Clothing is typically weakest at the seams and joins which means when tears or rips occur they usually happen around these areas like the crotch and upper leg area on trousers.
The garment may still be structurally sound elsewhere except in these key stress areas and if the garment does tear they are usually thrown away therefore giving the understandable impression of offering lesser value.

Many workwear and uniform clothing brands have used a triple stitching method to minimise the occurrence of the seams tearing or ripping which has improved performance greatly thus increasing the equity in that brands image and of course the products.

Some brands have gone a step further in the quest for exceptional durability in their workwear clothing.
Some industrial work & uniform clothing brands have utilised proprietary technology of using multiple layers of fabric over weaker areas to displace the stresses and concentrate forces over a wider area and thusly promoting a more robust and functional design capable of operating for longer periods.

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Choosing the correct and best workwear for individual requirements can be a mine field especially for new or inexperienced buyers as well as seasoned buyers who are looking to change brands or even suppliers.

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