Is Drinking Coffee Making You Fat?

Who would of thunk it coffee can make you fat? Well apparently so according to a few scientific studies and the Daily Mail.
This is of particular interest to our office as the kettle is pretty much on constant boil much to the chagrin of the accounts dept. but “our” Paul loves his coffee as do about half the workforce myself included.

The general gist of this study actually outlines that if you drink more than five cups a day the potential for fat loss is reduced greatly and can actually increase weight gain and possibly the risk of type 2 diabetes thanks to an over consumption of certain polyphenols called Chlorogenic acid (CGA).Beans, Beans the musical fruit!
Here’s an interesting point, if you consume coffee in moderate levels (less than 5 a day) it can promote resistance to diabetes development and promote weight loss through suppression of your appetite which is why I drink it, although now I’m wondering if drinking 14 cups a day is the reason I’m not shifting as much weight as I should to which I can now blame that all on my coffee intake rather than my laziness.

Another interesting point is the health benefits from coffee such as weight loss are not linked to caffeine as many people previously thought, when the Journal of Agricultural and Food chemistry tested the effects they discovered that even decaffeinated coffee had the same effects both positive and negative suggesting it’s another chemical compound which is having this affect . It is worth stating these studies were conducted on mice rather than the Regatta workwear staff although it could be argued that the mice may perform better in certain tasks in this office.
After the equivalent of 5 or 6 cups the mice showed a greater intolerance to metabolise glucose to use as energy and a greater propensity to store the sugars which in humans is known as storing fat. Which perversely makes sense as I have noticed the effects of drinking lots of coffee does not help in fighting or preventing weight gain. The body is in delicate biochemical harmony and when you raise or extract certain chemicals those necessary processes are disrupted.

This may sound pervasive and divisive in nature coming from such a “well respected” journalist bastion as the Daily Mail and it is written in simple terms allowing for greater mass digestion but the concept of biochemical disruption is merited in the article.
The truly scary concept, when you scratch the surface past the point of polyphenols and CGA, is the effects and side effects of caffeine which is the most prominent ingredient in coffee and why most people drink it.
Caffeine does wake you up and give “pep” when needed but the side effects if taken in large doses can be quite concerning and far outweigh the benefits.

It’s not just coffee which is causing some concern it’s the energy drinks which seem to be getting larger and larger to the point they will soon be measured in litres not millilitres if the trend continues. There have been reported deaths noted from direct consumption of these drinks which have in the past contained substances such as ephedrine which is like drinking coffee then and extra potent version of coffee through an intravenous drip, or so I’m told.  The effects go far beyond the extra “pep” the drinker may have wanted they veered way off track and ended up in the cardiology department of their local hospital with palpitations and arrhythmia some have even allegedly died of heart attacks or heart failure as a direct result of drinking these energy drinks. This may be the case however there is a strong relationship with predisposition in this regard and although the “energy drink” didn’t help the predisposition the argument could be made that any increased level of stimulation could have had the same effect.
Then there is the fact that caffeine can stay in your body for up to 6 days before it is finally purged allowing your system to readjust back to the way it should operate.

This is at least what most people would think me included however if you delve a little deeper you start to uncover some pretty pernicious and very compelling work on the study of genetic mutations of caffeine.
The study by Wilhelm Kuhlmann, Hans-George Fromme, Eva-Maria Heege Et al  in the mutagenic actions of caffeine in higher organisms is incredibly compelling. Caffeine on higher life forms i.e. humans can actually cause mutations in cellular function to the level of inhibiting RNA (Ribonucleic acid) synthesis which has the incredibly functional role of catalysing biological reactions within cells and promoting or restraining gene expression as well as communicating responses to signals on a cellular level. In short caffeine can inhibit the way your body operates at such a base chemical level it can have catastrophic effects. It should be noted it does not affect DNA synthesis however the RNA controls gene expression which is linked to the G, A, T & C (Guanine, adenine, thymine & cytosine) coding in the DNA double helix strand within every cell in your body so it’s hard to see how the inhibition cannot have a cumulative effect on the rest of the genetic coding causing cellular mutations. This seems quite a strong proposition and supposition however the mutations can be “slight” in real world environments to the naked eye for example the overuse of caffeine can lead to premature ageing the more severe mutations can lead to “malignant transformations” this is CANCER for those who may have already dismissed this article as fluff. Taking the same stance as before with the energy drinks there should be the disclaimer that the predisposition to forms of cancer can be inherited and that no matter what lifestyle or dietary regimes they follow there will always be an elevated risk of carcinogenesis (the creation and formation of cancer cells)

It kind of puts a different taste in your mouth when you start to look at the coffee mug now doesn’t it? On the surface it can now make you fat, then if you keep drinking more coffee it can effect moods, headaches and digestion and urinary tract I didn’t mention that did I well click on the side effects link that will add a little more pepper to the punch. Then when you seriously start delving into one of coffee’s main compounds and let’s face it the main reason people drink it (because I don’t buy the “I like the taste” nonsense) Caffeine you start to notice that there is evidence albeit from the late 1960’s that it will mutate your necessary cellular functions at a level most people are very unaware of and actually in certain predisposed cases cause cancer.  
I’m now starting to wonder why there seems to be a coffee shop on every corner of every road in every town in the west. Hmmm maybe that’s a stretch after all it’s just a hint of a supposition of an idea from an opinion which are after all like bum holes, everybody has one.
The conclusion this little light reading foray of mine is I may just pass on the next round of coffees to wean myself off the beans before I cause irreparable damage. Although I’ve been necking coffee like George Best used to neck vodka so the damage has most likely been done.
Phew that taxed my brain….Put the Kettle on Paul I’ll have a tea!!