Does Buying Quality Workwear Make More Economic Sense?

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It may sound obvious, but the quality of any workwear or uniform clothing should be a very high priority on all buyers’ wishlists, especially for the coming spring/summer months and colder autumn/winter months in 2015. Sadly, there are still those buyers who only look at the price rather than the true cost of buying their uniforms and work clothing in bulk. The main reason given is buying quality will increase the cost, making the order less attractive to management within corporations.

This doesn't always have to be the case as we have proved many times, and can easily support this claim through a detailed analysis of the true cost of orders for any company. Buying cheap does not ultimately result in savings, and conversely, buying expense workwear does not guarantee exceptional performance in all cases.

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The true cost of any acquisition for all firms is in the buying process, beginning with the purchase order process and finishing with the acceptance of the delivery from the supplier. True cost takes into account the man hours and the necessary process each company must take in line with their own policies and procedures. This could mean 3-5 different people or departments become involved in any order no matter how small.

I mention this principle as it becomes clearer when you look at the lifespan of any given workwear or uniforms in the field, such as high visibility workwear clothing. Because these types of protective work clothing and uniforms are exposed to harsher environments by people who really graft, the clothing tends to have a shorter lifespan than high street clothing. It therefore becomes counter intuitive to buy the really expensive work wear brands as the economies do not add up, unless we are talking multi norm clothing or specialist Haz-mat suits.
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Many buyers, at least for the first few times they place orders, will generally opt for the cheap non-brand products because on paper they look much more cost effective. It is only when you consider the wider cost that these cheaper options do not appear so economical.

For example, buying a £9.00 pair of work trousers may seem a good deal for a thousand-strong workforce; however if those trousers only last a couple of months or even a few weeks, then the replacement orders will start to stack up and require the attention of those people who action the purchase orders. Not all the trousers will need replacing at the same time either, so the multiplication of purchase order processing will be increased.

So what is the alternative?

How can you make sure you have chosen the best quality workwear clothing and uniforms for your firm’s needs?

Well in real terms, there are three main identifiable factors which will occur no matter what happens: Workwear clothing will only last a relatively short period before it needs replacing, a low price does not guarantee low cost and buying the most expensive PPE clothing does not guarantee longevity.

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Depending on what your requirements are, the best option would be to go for a good product in terms of quality, but with a price tag closer to the lower end of the spectrum. To achieve this, we would advise speaking with workwear clothing, uniform and PPE suppliers to gauge which option would be the best for your own particular requirements. We would also recommend user trials on all major products to ensure the firm will be witnessing the benefits before the main order is placed, thus minimising risk. There is nothing worse than being sold work clothing which is woefully short of expectations of performance, especially after being assured the product will perform.
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Always remember you do get what you pay for in life and workwear clothing is no exception.

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