Why you should seriously consider Dickies Workwear Clothing

Can Dickies workwear deliver real performance and value for money?

The premise is simple what do you want from a great workwear clothing brand?
Most people would seek the following: Durability, Comfort, performance, safety, functionality and of course the price.
One other notable asset which may be sought is the styling of the garments as today workers still want to look good when they are toiling away.
This of course is fine if the workers are buying their own workwear however this asset is at the bottom of the list if a firm is placing the orders.
Dickies Workwear as a brand offers all these assets and much more providing great all round performance and protection with a pricing structure that appeals to lareg and small firms alike.

Is it possible to have great workwear clothing at the right price and also look the part?

In a word, yes. Dickies work clothing as well as a few other brands have adapted their garments to cater for evolving tastes without compromising the very specific heritage which has seen them climb to the top of the pile.

Dickies Workwear have a great pedigree and history many brands can only dream of

Dickies or to give them their full title Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company were established in Texas in 1918 as the brainchild of two former automotive and harness manufacturing operators.
By 1922 (a celebrated year in the Dickies organisation) three of the Williamson family had acquired the remaining assets from Colonel Dickie which allowed them to gear up for a huge expansion program.
The brand Dickies was cemented into the US public’s consciousness after the Second World War when the entire Williamson-Dickie manufacturing plant was commandeered by the US government to produce hardwearing workwear clothing solely for the war effort to kit out the workers in durable, functional and economically viable work garments.
This effort enhanced the reputation of Dickies as after the war workers went back to civilian duties and were so used to wearing the clothing they defaulted to ordering Dickies workwear garments.

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During the 1950’s and 60’s the expansion of Dickies workwear culminated in overseas market proliferation in particular the middle east as the boom in new oil fields and increased US interest in the Arab states drew in oil men from Texas to oversee the drilling and refining operations.
These same oilmen had been wearing Dickies Workwear clothing since they first entered working life and as there were no local alternatives they quickly connected Dickies with the growing oil expansion.
Eager to further capitalise on good fortune Dickies shipped over their highly sought after workwear trousers and shirts for the oilmen and their local workers to wear.
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The concept was established and other markets in different territories could and would use the Workwear clothing in their own industrial capacities.
In 1989 Dickies UK was established and quickly became a favourite with many UK workers thanks to the same philosophies they instil today.

So why should you or your company choose Dickies Clothing over other workwear brands?

Dickies clothing has contrived to position itself in the right place in terms of work clothing for it to be considered by individuals as well as larger firms as a viable option for their safety PPE and workwear, uniforms and corporatewear requirements.
The reason? Durability, Comfort, performance, safety, functionality and of course the price.

This would be a good time to introduce some Dickies products to demonstrate the principle.
If you look at their trousers range they have great options priced accordingly from good, to better then of course the best which have a premium price.

By far the largest selling work trouser is the WD814 Dickies Redhawk Action Trousers these are the benchmark by which other brands try to emulate as the performance belies the price.
In other words the WD814 Redhawk trousers performance would typically merit a higher price and that’s based largely on the performance.

For a pair of workwear trousers to be considered great they need to last longer than 5 minutes in the field, they need to be tough and robust enough to cope with the various tasks from kneeling to stretching and cope with the usual abrasions seen by tradesmen and construction workers.
The Dickies WD814 Redhawk Action Trousers are truly amazing and for a price of around £16.00 ex VAT these are the best trousers you can source anywhere offering the same functionality and longevity.

The same can be said for the great SH21220 Dickies Polo Shirt. This workwear polo is priced around the £8.50 ex Vat and thanks to the design, build quality and brand equity this garment is used by some of the largest firms in the UK over so many other cheaper brands because more and more firms are becoming aware of the true overall cost when selecting their workwear and the cheap option may actually end up being more expensive over a given timeline.

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