Choosing the Right Sized Clothing

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The premise sounds straightforward enough yet seldom seems to be the case when executed. Buying clothing online can be a precarious proposition just as buying for a team of workers can and the reason seems to be a few people don’t actually know their sizes and go off clothing they already wear which can be a nightmare.

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Firstly there is the individual wearer of the clothing. Our bodies fluctuate over the course of a year at different times and seasons, think Christmas and the summer, where that extra mince pie won’t do any harm will it?! In summer there are of course the obligatory gym workouts three weeks before you jet off to only to put the weight back on with all the beer and takeaways you scoff while lying hungover in the sun doing nothing but bubble and burn.

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As we age we age our metabolisms slow down as we become less active which usually results in a few pounds being acquired around the waist area which will obviously affect the way new clothing fits. Old clothing expands and loosens through natural wear and tear and while those old workwear trousers do say 34” on the label they will have warped and will now fit a sturdier girth hence the problem when those guys come to buy new clothing.

The short answer would be to grab the tape measure and work out exactly what the correct measurements area and compare them to our Regatta sizing guide to see which sized trousers and jackets are required. This can be a pain for some people so there is always the possibility of Regatta sending out a sizing kit if the order will be significant enough this will cut the time delays down and everyone will know what sizes they need to order.

The second issue customer’s face is the fit of the clothing. This may seem strange as a concept but actually the sizing of the clothing depends on the country of origin of the garments. If you look at clothing made in the United States of America they design the clothing to measurement spec, in other words their 34” waist trousers are 34” in diameter and will not fit a European wearer who would normally wears 34” trousers or jeans. This is the same across the clothing ranges so jackets that are designated large may be tighter than a European counterpart with the same sizing designation.
European clothing brands measure their garments to fit the wearer rather than the exact size so a 34” pair of trousers will actually be closer to 35” or 36” in diameter, the same can be said for jackets and sweatshirts.

How to measure clothing to avoid selecting the wrong size

A Regatta tip as to how to measure clothing to find out what size it is and what would therefore fit you or your workers. Firstly lay the trousers down on a table and measure across from the belt loop on one side to the other and simply double the figure to establish the actual waist size of those trousers. If they are too tight for you it’s time to buy the next size up or go on a diet chubbs!!

For shirts and jackets lay them on the table and measure from under the armpits from one side to the other and double that figure which results in the chest circumference.
All the figures should be larger than the labels specified size but will give you an indication as to what size to order in US sizes if you should ever be presented with the option.

There is probably a reason for this and there certainly are pros and cons for each method but the truth is you the customer wants to know what clothing size will fit you or your workers without having to crack out tape measures or send us back the workwear because “the sizing isn’t right”.
Regatta work wear clothing is made to fit the wearer not the exact measurements so when we designate a jacket large it is a large (41”-42” chest size) jacket as you would know it if you are familiar with UK and European clothing.

Workwear is designed to be worn over clothing or in combination with other garments so all the Regatta Pro ranges have a good healthy size tolerance. This means you can wear your sweatshirts, fleeces and base layers under our jackets with no reduction in functionality or performance.

Our helpful sizing guide will convert those pesky European sizes as well so those “C” numbers will now make sense or if you are based in Mainland Europe you can convert those sizes to the UK imperial system.

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