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Summer is here finally, wait I spoke to soon back to winter again as a few rain drops splash down on the window sill. You know the score the summers don’t quite last more than a couple of days which is harsh on the spirit and mind-set however this metrological fluctuation can be good for workwear firms like Regatta.
The main issue usually revolves around seasonal purchasing of specific clothing for certain seasons throughout the year this philosophy however needs to be adapted slightly as the weather predictions are more chaotic and less reliable year on year.

As waterproof and weather resistant workwear clothing suppliers we have found more people looking for more viable options to work in during the summer and autumn months which do not adversely affect their efficiency or performance. Typically the choices for working environments boiled down to a couple of options; jackets and fleeces which have their own drawbacks in certain weather conditions. TRA650 Hydroforce SoftshellJackets are perfect for keeping the wearer dry form the sporadic showers and occasional heavy downpours however because the typical workwear jacket is also designed to provide extensive warmth the true impracticality becomes acutely clear when the ambient outdoors temperature is high. The warm summer months in the UK bring with them increased humidity which makes working even in wet conditions quite stifling and often uncomfortable even in T-Shirts so to add an increased level of heat retention would be a step to far. Even with new jackets providing great breathability this breathable quality has limits and the wearer will not be able to dissipate enough body heat fast enough for the jacket to become practical and an accepted form of weather protection.

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Some workers refuse to wear the jackets even in wet conditions and so the firms are buying products which are not being utilised and are in my opinion redundant in such conditions. These workwear garments are often mistreated and left crumpled up in vans and store rooms and will need replacing in the colder months.
The other traditional option was the “good ol’ fleece” which, assuming the worker isn’t operating in some seriously abrasive environments, is a good options as they are more breathable than a typical jacket but fleece are not usually water resistant in the slightest unless you opt for a waterproof fleece like the Regatta TRA644 Omicron however this is a specialist fleece and usually falls outside most firms budgetary constraints. The material and fabrics used in fleece are inherently hydrophilic which essentially means they attract water which makes the garment very heavy and uncomfortable to work in let alone wear. Fleeces are designed for indoor work and fair weather environments not the ever changing weather systems in Britain where it is so wet you could be forgiven for developing gills. Fleeces have for years been a workwear main stay for a great many firms however there may be a change in perception once viable alternatives have been explored.

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There is another option and this is not sales pitch it’s a simple evolution developed on from the two products I have just written about, that option is the softshell jacket.
I could pontificate about the virtues of softshells for quite a few pages but I won’t bore you with the data sheet info preferring to keep it simple and more about applications in the field which ultimately people are interested in. Softshells are the next stage up from fleece products with the same fantastic assets which have made fleeces so successful while having none of their drawbacks. They offer the same level of water resistance and weather protection of a workwear jacket without the extra heat retention although some of the Regatta softshell are fantastic in cold environments and have been sold to customers for use in winter sporting pursuits. Softshells are excellent in wet conditions especially in the summer months because they are inherently lightweight and very flexible so efficiency is not affected and they won’t stifle as much as jackets can tend to.
The added benefit of buying workwear softshell is during the winter months rather than opting to buy the larger jackets wearers can actually “layer up” with base layers and under garments then the softshell over the top so to trap more heat between the clothing.

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Ask any sportsman or outdoor enthusiast the secret to keeping warm while outdoors in the winter months is layering your clothing. This is both practical and efficient and would perfectly suit the working environment unless that workplace requires clothing regulated by statutes such as GO/RT clothing. Even in that environment the workwear can be co-ordinated to make sure it meets the relevant specifications and then applied by those rules in layers.
The softshell jacket option is one yet to be fully explored and endorsed by firms en masse but it’s just a matter of time especially when the performances can be quantified and the costs correlated to show the major advantages and savings by buying smarter for all the workers and providing year round work clothing which have a wide variety of applications in many combinations. Follow the money some people say and when these firms start to see the savings they may indeed break from the traditional two option outlook and opt for the softshell workwear option.

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