Can you make fleece jackets waterproof?

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It may seem a strange principle, or maybe not as you may already know the answer, but there are few customers who still ask the question: Can you make Fleece jackets waterproof? Is there such a thing as a waterproof fleece jacket? What is the best waterproof fleece jacket?

The simple straightforward answer is yes and there are some great waterproof fleece jackets available online to buy today.

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Regatta Clothing produce a fantastic waterproof fleece jacket called the Omicron II.
This fleece is both waterproof and breathable – and element which is often overlooked when selecting jackets and one that should always be a consideration if the workers/wearers are going to be active while wearing these garments. TRA644-Regatta-Omicron-II-Waterproof-Fleece-Action-Shot

How do you make the fleece jackets waterproof?

Keeping it simple and without droning on about technical aspects ad nauseum, Regatta have applied their proprietary fabric Isotex 5000 to the TRA644 Omicron II Fleece Jacket. The Isotex fabric is a waterproof up to 5000mm confirmed using a hydrostatic head measurement (a column of water measured in cubic millimetres applied over a section of the jackets fabric in a stretched state)

In very simple terms this fabric makes the Omicron II waterproof and capable of performing in some pretty horrendous weather whether at work or in your leisuretime.
It will be other factors that force the wearers to seek shelter rather than this Regatta fleece jacket failing.

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The Fleece Fabric is treated to make it highly water resistant

The waterproof fleece fabric is also treated with water repellent applications which makes the water form into droplets and simply slide off the jacket ensuring that the rain has very little time to “pool” and absorb or attempt to absorb further into the deeper lying fabric.
The seams are all sealed like all Regatta waterproof jackets and this ensures that no water can penetrate through the “weaker” areas such as the sleeve joins and shoulder/ neck joins.
This process is quite unique and makes the Regatta Omicron II waterproof fleece one of the stand out performers when searching for a durable waterproof fleece jacket.
It should be noted as this fleece is classed as “waterproof” and the level of technology incorporated is relatively high that the price will reflect this.
However when you compare the Omicron II to other waterproof fleece jackets on the market you will see a significant difference in prices as the Regatta principle of premium performance without the premium price is very much in keeping with all their clothing.
What some people have looked at is the price of the Omicron II with one of the other work wear fleece jackets in our range and seen a significant jump in price.

To place this into perspective if you compare the Regatta Omicron with other fleeces in our range it would be like comparing a fleece jacket to a waterproof jacket which is what the Omicron II essentially is.
If you are looking for a fleece jacket that provides premium performance but you do not need this to have water resistive properties special consideration should be guided towards the Hardwear Seismic fleece jacket. Brand new to 2014, this fleece jacket incorporates several key components that make this jacket more robust and durable.

The Regatta Micro Zip Neck Fleece is also worth considering as this is lightweight and it more in line with a sweater/pullover type garment and can be worn when the working environment has a slight chill which let’s face it is most mornings throughout the spring and early summer months.

Although these fleece jackets are not water resistant these can easily be worn with other waterproof workwear jackets when the weather does take a turn for the worse with relative ease.

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The high demand for a waterproof fleece jacket is the very reason that Regatta along with other key players in the outdoor clothing industry have invested time and money into producing these types of garments. Fleece jackets have been around for 40 years and the old mantra that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it does apply but it is the strengths which fleece clothing holds such as very high comfort levels and the thermal protection they offer which keeps them very much popular products which you can buy today with relative ease and security.

The question you must ask before you buy a waterproof fleece jacket is:

Do I really need a fleece or would a waterproof jacket be a better option?

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