Buying Road Traffic Cones Online

Buy road traffic cones online through BHI Workwear

Buying road traffic cones, or indeed any road safety equipment should be quite easy, at least in theory. The most efficient way seems to be looking online for a supplier who meets the budgetary restraints, before either placing the order online or calling to specify any further details such as multiple delivery sites. This is often where the issues start and BHI Workwear are well aware of the prospective problems.

Great Prices and Supply Lines on all Traffic Cone Orders through BHI Workwear

The price for road traffic cones is no indicator of good service or that the company can actually meet your demands and requirements. Issues will start at the very beginning, through things such as insufficient cone supplies or the inability to process the order quickly and deliver to multiple sites around the UK. There tends to be two types of traffic cone order: 1. The person requires a few for a small work area or for home use for parking etc. or 2. The monster order such as a large multinational corporation requiring new road safety kits for their entire operational sites.

Buy Durable one piece or two piece road traffic cones online through BHI - Bulk Discounts & Pallet loads available. Buy Durable one piece or two piece road traffic cones online through BHI - Bulk Discounts & Pallet loads available.

Each online supplier should have the ability to provide road cones for all orders, from the very small to the enormous ones and everything in between, but in reality there are other considerations that each supplier needs to be aware of and by proxy, so to the customers. There are very few suppliers who will have a warehouse full of traffic cones and road safety equipment, even the ones who only sell those products will have a capacity or space and holding huge amounts of stock is a sure-fire way to run into our helpful friend Mr “cash flow problems”. Many manufacturers will not sell to the end user and therefore it becomes evident that you have to go through stockists. Buy Durable Road Traffic Cones online through BHI Workwear.

The prudent supplier has several Road Traffic Cones manufacturers who they can use to complete the larger orders with minimal fuss for the customer. This is where BHI Workwear often has the upper hand over competitors.

Bulk Order Discounts on all orders for Road Traffic Cones

BHI will offer bulk order discounts on all cones:

  • 450mm (45cm),
  • 500mm (50cm),
  • 750mm (75cm)
  • 1000mm (1 metre)

Did you know BHI Workwear also provide other road safety equipment, from road traffic carriers to pedestrian barriers to road signs? Call our team today for the best prices on all BHI products on offer. We can be reached direct on 0333 101 4030, or via email at

If you are looking to buy durable road safety equipment call us to discuss bulk discounts.

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