Buying Clothing Online With No Frame of Reference

Buying clothing online can lead to errors and disappointment

It seems the internet is both a blessing and curse at the same time in some kind of annoying duality which appears to be antithetical to its supposed existence and often results in paralysis by analysis.
Let me explain: With the more visibility comes less clarity and more confusion, the idea that greater choice will benefit the end user is often a misnomer used without actual evidence taken from the field as it were. There can actually be too much choice which impedes the decision process and bogs down progress. Confusion can demotivate

Can too much choice be a bad thing?

In relation to workwear clothing there is a great deal of choice on our website regarding jackets, fleeces, trousers and softshells and unless you know specifically what you are looking for then you may find the 30+ products hard to choose from. Do you want waterproof work wear clothing? Do you need breathability? Do you need a winter garment? Do you want a 3 in 1 jacket? What’s the difference between softshells and fleeces? Is there a way to secure work clothing which will work in both cold and warmer conditions? Does price reflect performance? Which jacket is great when working with abrasions? Is this Jacket suitable for Work? How waterproof is waterproof?

These questions are broad to say the least but demonstrate the fact there is not one product which fits all. Each client or customer will have their own unique and specific requirements which they need to meet which will be entirely different from the next customer. The quest for us is to build a base of “applications” for each product which will fill in the gaps and show what the jacket is perfect for in our eyes and from the response from the end users so you have a viable bench mark to evaluate from. This is one way to provide something tangible for the potential customers to read before making the decision to buy online.
This however does still leave the problem that the customer has to click on the box to read the text to see if it’s applicable which takes too long in most people’s eyes when searching for solutions. So is there a way to cut through the uncertainty and choice to get what you want?

Paralysis by Analysis

Of course there is and one we are all familiar with.
The internet is great for shopping if you know what you want but often it fails where physical shops flourish because of the lack of tangible and intrinsic elements which allows you to touch, taste and feel. Our new customers as indeed our established ones often find themselves in unfamiliar territory with new products and new brands requiring the personal touch to “sell” the new products to them.

We paint a picture of the pros and cons (if there are any) and let them choose for themselves which suits them. Listening is key to selecting the choices there is no need to include fleeces if the customer needs waterproof clothing so we can thin the list to make it a few items and then pitch the relevant benefits.

Price is not always the main driving force behind the choice but it does linger in the ether never far away as a go to panic button however when all the requirements are considered then the price is often seen as a benchmark for lack of performance and function (“looks and feels cheap”).
This may sound opposed to what buying online is supposed to be however in reality all websites are simply just shop windows which are more visible to a wider audience in the right circumstances. The ability to call and speak to someone who knows what they are talking about is an underrated asset which if you need answers to the questions listed above will be seen as invaluable.
That’s the added value in the service provided by Regatta Workwear, we know what a minefield the choices are and our website is quite compact in relation to the vast amount of clothing suppliers out there.

When buying clothing if unsure you need to call to clarify

Having reviews for products is a fantastic way to express the true and relatable applications of the garments however if you do not know what you are looking for then reading 10 or more reviews becomes counterproductive and a waste of time.
Calling the clothing companies to get comparable figures and products is the only way to make an informed decision and this will always be the case ultimately at least for the time being as I’m not so sure the level of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is up to the task of disseminating the intricacies of detailing the conversation rates from women’s sizes to men’s sizes for opposing product lines or knowledgeable on the water resistance of the products fabric outer compared to the inner or the real world functionality and durability of fleeces in heavy abrasion environments.
Until that point in time the best way to cover all he salient points and make sure the customer has their concerns and requirements well catered for is to call and speak to an expert.

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By Grant Martin