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BHI Workwear are proud to formally introduce the entire Scruffs Work Wear clothing range; from footwear to the extremely impressive Scruffs trouser range and exceptional workwear jackets they produce, and everything in between.

All the work clothing and uniform garments by Scruffs are live and online to buy right now, so if you are looking for a great workwear jacket for the cold winter months, which offers supreme waterproofing and weather protection or simply some great work trousers for your construction job, BHI has everything you will need.

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Great Workwear Clothing by Scruffs available at BHI

Scruffs have taken the industrial and trade workwear clothing market by storm and have garnered much lauded praise for their clothing creations. The philosophy is simple and one that has gained many fans from every corner of the workplace up and down the UK – Scruffs produce work clothing you could wear to the pub as well as to the workplace and vice versa which in itself is an impressive concept.

Rather than producing PPE and workwear that just satisfied the regulations and laws, Scruffs went the extra mile to produce stylish and functional work clothing which has wider applications than most workwear clothing brands. They designed their garments around what their customers wanted to wear rather than simply what their customer had to wear. This had massive positive economic implications for the brand, and for the workwear clothing industry on the whole, as you didn’t have to wear the uncomfortable but necessary workwear anymore; you could compromise.


Buy your Scruffs Trousers online through BHI Workwear

Scruffs Workwear Trousers are much more economical than a lot of “inferior” brands as the workers actually look after the garments rather than use and abuse them. If you take a non-named brand pair of work trousers, the work force will typically make sure they will be hammered from both working environments and the lack of consideration the wearer will treat them with. They will be thrown about, not looked after and invariably need replacing after a few weeks. The opposite will be true of the Scruffs work trousers which, because they (initially) cost more, will usually be treated with more care, and wear much better than “cheaper” work trousers options. If your firm is looking to kit out your workforce with a named brand, you can’t go far wrong with Scruffs.

BHI Workwear offer bulk order discounts on all Workwear and Uniform Clothing

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We can supply all the Scruffs workwear clothing you need, plus other garments to create a bespoke head-to-toe package ranging from headwear, jackets, tops (sweatshirts & polo shirts,) trousers, safety footwear and everything in between. Furthermore, we offer a full logo service including heat sealing and embroidery on all garments, workwear, uniforms, clothing and much more.

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