Buy a great pair of combat trousers for work

BHI have a great offer on Pulsar Combat Trousers from £9.99 ex VAT

Buying a great pair of combat trousers has never been easier while offering great value for money.
The perpetual search for high quality garments is the holy grail, It’s the most important least important part of many company’s operations.
Procurement and purchasing departments are often tasked with sourcing the impossible great value for money while ensuring high performance – the two positions are often antithetical to one another.

There are very few moments when anyone can buy products or services at low prices and expect premium performance and this is what generally leads to tender processes being convoluted, complex, mismanaged, corrupted and often deemed a failure.
At best each officer tasked with operations concerning tenders has to micro manage almost every transaction which is neither productive or cost effective when ancillary costs are calculated.

The reason I bring this up is twofold firstly BHI have handled some of the UK’s largest firms tenders and contracts with distinction and as such we have the experience to help navigate the pitfalls “new” buyers may not have spotted in their approach.
Secondly BHI have a product which fits both the criteria of being “cheap” yet offers supreme performance.
Buy Pulsars P513 Combat trousers online here

Buy Great Combat trousers from £9.99 ex VAT

Order the Pulsar Combat trousers today

This a fortunate vicissitude of fate – BHI have a finite stock level of the Pulsar P513 combat trousers in navy – which resulted in a deal which was never completed.
What this means is we have a £35.00 pair of trousers which are available for as little as £9.99 ex VAT while stocks last.

The P513 Combat trousers are a bespoke product yet the only difference from the standard Pulsar P513’s is the removal of the retro-reflective strips on the lower legs which renders them a great combat trouser fit for a great many industries and job roles.
They are a high-performance workwear combat trouser with all the bells and whistles you would expect and demand from a premium brand such as Pulsar.

They have durable twin needle stitching at the main stress points which limits the chances of seam failure which is always the bane of work trousers the world over.
The P513’s are coated with Teflon to improve the repellence of dirt, grease and water in light shower conditions.

BHI offer exceptional value for money on all PPE, Workwear, and Consumables

All in all, if you are the buyer or procurement officer for a company who has more than ten workers these combat trousers offer you a great opportunity to keep the bean counters happy and ensure high levels of performance for your workforce.

Call BHI today to discuss the combat trouser offer as well as other workwear and PPE requirements 0333 101 403 or email our sales team with a full brief of your requirements
Let BHI do the leg work – you don’t have to.

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