• Has Buying Online Replaced Human Contact

    Half Of B2B Buyers Make Up Their Mind Before Talking To Sales Reps At first glance this could strike fear into sales people, reps and SME’s and other business owners. The online age is touted as being the replacement for a lot of outmoded mechanisms – But is everything as it seems?
  • Is Branding Important For Your Business

    How important is branding and perception for your business – Truthfully? We are not talking about the blue chips like #coke, #pepsi, #Mcdonalds, #Apple, #BMW etc we’re talking about the SME’s. Local operations which are making great headway in their respective fields.
  • Importance of Great Branding

    It seems funny how certain branding principles are forgotten or overlooked when companies embark on new strategies and promotions especially when the “guilty” company is a huge corporation who should know better.

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