Is Branding Important For Your Business

How important is branding and perception for your business – Truthfully?

We are not talking about the blue chips like #coke, #pepsi, #Mcdonalds, #Apple, #BMW etc we’re talking about the SME’s.
Local operations which are making great headway in their respective fields.

Branding can often be seen as the most important, least important task on the MD’s or owners desk.

There is quite a lot of thought required to sift through the “poor ideas” before you arrive at a piece of branding which promotes your company ethos.

The journey doesn’t stop there – Do the premium brands stand still with the same icons, logos and messages?

#Coca-cola has changed their iconic logo multiple times during their 130+ year existence – some are extremely subtle and others can be seen as radical.

Every successful brand that has evolved, developed and matured have adapted their message and communications of their brand ethos and values.
This in turn has augmented the perception of the brands, some for the good and some for the not so good – think New Coke.

coke-taste-the-feeling - Great Branding Great branding - Aspirational

Each change reinforces a perception that has been methodically curated and polished by the best and brightest minds so the target audience has a twinge of recognition, a “feeling” which if executed correctly plays in their minds over and over.

That subtle almost imperceptible cognitive hook which when confronted with an urge, a hunger, a need “plays” again in their subconscious.

The values have been cemented the call to action is placing themselves right in front of the audience when they are ready for that message.

With the FIFA World Cup about to kick off you can see the corporate sponsors ramping up their effects to associate themselves with a concept which is emotional, visceral and energising.
Brands Like #Budweiser, #Mcdonalds, #Coca-cola, #Adidas and #VISA are linking themselves with an elite sporting event with the aim that through positive connections their brands will be placed above others in competitive markets.
Budweiser adverts will play every ad break before kick-off, at Half time and after the final whistle in the hope that when the viewer goes to the shops the will chose their beer over their rivals.

What does this mean for SME’s?

As your company evolves, develops, grows and matures you have to tell your story and to do that, aside from shouting your achievements out on social media and press releases, your company has to keep the branding fresh.

This doesn’t mean spending a small fortune to redesign your logo, it means subtle changes in the way your company values and ethos are perceived.
These new perceptions are aimed at making existing customers and new customers aware of your brand with the intent that they choose you over your competitors.

Changes to the logo is one thing, updating websites and social platforms, uniforms and clothing to vehicle wrapping – these all serve to freshen up your brand message, reinforce it and allow them to see you are successful.

The idea is for you to sell your company, promote confidence in it’s values so the perception to whomever you deal with is secure and resolute.

We aren’t talking about throwing your trusted logo under the bus if you’ve had it for 20 or 30 years what we are talking about is sprucing up the visuals to blow away the cobwebs and state with confidence: you are not still here, you are propelling forward!
You are evolving and that means you are successful.

Failing brands do not, in good conscience, spend money on vehicle wraps and branding – they wither as the remaining assets are sold off, stripped or otherwise disposed of.

Be proud of your brand, whether you think it is a brand or not your company name, your logo will have cognitive associations with customers, clients and competitors.
That association often needs refreshing, so they think of you first.

That question again: How important is branding and perception for your business – Truthfully?

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