BHI Workwear Corporatewear Offer Summer 2016

Great Corporatewear offer through BHI Workwear

Right then you lucky people BHI Workwear have a great corporatewear offer for you and your respective firms.
We are currently offer all corporatewear at discounted prices with shirt prices starting from £7.00 ex VAT.

For those who don’t know fully what corporatewear is this includes office attire, shirts, trousers, blouses, skirts, ties, suits etc. everything you would wear when working in an office or formal environment plus some options for the more abrasive environments.

With corporatewear like all workwear, uniforms and PPE you really do “get what you pay for” so you can opt for the entry level garments to suit any budgetary constraints and still find an option which will look good. Conversely BHI Workwear offer premium corporatewear garments for those firms and workers who aspire to dress for success.

Great corporatewear offers by BHI Workwear Great corporatewear ideas by BHI Workwear

Without getting all “Wolf of Wall Street” there is a directly correlation between what clothing a person wears and the perception they give off to customers, clients and even co-workers.
In simple terms this means if you have a workforce who are dressed in great corporatewear, shirts, blouses, trousers and footwear there is a reduced risk that the initial perception will be negative.

Dress For Success through BHI Workwear

You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

A workable example would be job interviews. Whichever way you cut it the job interview is a very discriminating environment, each interviewee has a few seconds to meet the basic requirements for personal appearance which is conducive to the place they are applying to work.
If they don’t dress appropriately or look dishevelled there will be little chance of progression to the next round.
We could explore the legalities or the mitigating circumstances however while most firms will not generally come right and say “you looked like you fell out of bed and came to the interview via a road side skirmish” there will be some indication that the applicants appearance had some bearing on the outcome.

Great Men's Corporatewear and Uniforms from BHI Workwear Great Men's Corporatewear and Uniforms from BHI Workwear

I’m sure we are all familiar with that process and in my case I’m pretty sure I’m a cautionary tale at a few places I interviewed while at University.

A question: What is the difference between the interview situation and the first time you or your workforce meet a prospective customer or client?
Very little and this is exactly why ensuring your staff and workforce represent the values your firm has spent countless man hours cultivating by wearing the best corporatewear, uniforms, shirts, workwear, footwear and smart clothing they can.

Many companies and especially the bean counters only see the bottom line and expenditure they are seldom concerned with the intangible, the ethereal, the unquantifiable.

When you walk into a new environment the only thing you should be concerned with is getting that order, securing that contract, solving that customer’s problem.
You should never walk into an environment concerned that you are wearing budget clothing because an accountant said so.

Buy the best range of corporatewear, uniforms and PPE through BHI Workwear

BHI Workwear have a great range of corporatewear clothing, great shirts, and a wonderful range of womens shirts which offer great functionality and comfort all of which will fit whatever budgetary constraints.
BHI Workwear’s objective is to make sure you acquire great corporate clothing at the best prices anywhere!

Great Corporatewear for Women Great Corporatewear for Women


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