BHI Workwear Christmas Hours - buy the best uniforms right here

You can still order your workwear & uniforms online through BHI Workwear over the Festive period

Better late than never as we are already informing or informed existing customers that BHI Workwear is closing for the festive period on Tuesday the 22nd of December at 12:00pm and re-opening our doors again on Tuesday the 5th of January.
This does not mean that all our staff are loose rampaging around south Yorkshire but BHI are limited to what we as a workwear, PPE, safety clothing and uniform suppliers can do in that period for new orders and orders placed before we closed down.
The website you are reading this on is still active in terms of sales and information and you will be met with a welcome email which will explain the situation fully if and when you buy any workwear clothing online that way there are no surprises when Santa doesn’t bring you the winter waterproof jacket you wanted for your Dad, boyfriend or even girlfriend.

Order your new uniforms and workwear clothing for 2016 online at BHI Workwear

The main point of this post is to explain that we are still open for business and you can contact our team via email at which means we can get the ball rolling in terms of price quotes, stock checking and logo passports.
Some firms like to hit the new year running and attempt to source the best corporate uniforms online or even discuss at length the best workwear clothing for their own specific requirements. This is exactly where BHI Workwear can assist them fully even if our shop and office doors are closed.

We are a 24 hr operation which is not something that we preach and yet do not practice we have enquiries from all over the world for everything including other workwear firms trying to sell us uniforms and PPE which is always a fun call to take at 5am.

Great corporate & Work shirts ideal for all operations - formal and hardwearing - embroidery ready Great corporate & Work shirts ideal for all operations - formal and hardwearing - embroidery ready

Buy the best workwear & uniform clothing right here at BHI Workwear

We aren’t like other suppliers of work clothing and corporate uniforms we actually have method to our madness. BHI Workwear have valuable core principles which are key to securing new business and also to secure repeat business from our existing customers.
Believe it or not we aren’t out to make the most amount of profit from the next sale!
Preposterous I hear you say in a Stephen Fry type voice.
This is however actually true, but why? I hear you say in the same quintessentially posh manner.

Simple if we pull your pants down – No pun intended there Stephen – you as the customer will certainly not come back to ask for more unless you’re into that kind of thing, again sorry Stephen…How is QI coming along this year?
We have a simple philosophy relating to presenting each workwear and uniform order to our customers which offers the greatest amount of value yet performs to higher standards that belies the budgetary constraints.

Call BHI Workwear to discuss all your uniform clothing requirements

A great deal of online workwear clothing and uniforms suppliers would prefer all business conducted through their website as a way to save costs and to push the responsibility of the order directly onto the customer.
This isn’t exactly the smartest way to secure repeat business as most customer’s area of expertise does concern what the best workwear jackets or trousers are or knowing the various merits and distinctions of what corporate shirts would best suit the office staff as opposed to the warehouse team.
BHI Workwear are different as we actively encourage our customers to call us because we actually take pride in making sure each and every one of them is at least presented with the various workwear and uniform options available so they can make an informed decision.
Our direct aim is to make it all purchases of workwear clothing and uniforms the right for choice for each of our valued customers.

BHI Workwear have a great selection of corporate uniforms including polo shirts suitable for a wide variety of job roles BHI Workwear have a great selection of corporate uniforms including polo shirts suitable for a wide variety of job roles

BHI Workwear offer full logo service including embroidery on all uniforms and workwear clothing

For more information call our team throughout the Christmas period on 0333 101 4030 or email

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from BHI Workwear.