BHI Workwear Away Day at the SME & Samaritans Golf Day

BHI Workwear Tried to Smash the Ball

On Monday the 8th of August 2016 BHI Workwear took part in the SME and Samaritans Charity golf day at Rotherham Golf Course in Thrybergh made famous for the course Danny Willet honed his significant golf skills.

SME Posing for the Camera SME Posing for the Camera


What a day it turned out to be, the sun shine basking the course in glorious luminescence making it look irresistible and if it wasn’t for the gale force gusts it would have been perfect to play a round of golf on.
Staggering the Tee Times SME head honcho Mark McGrail looked on as each team attempted to smash their first shots down the first fairway.
It was a friendly and jovial atmosphere with Mark smiling in his grey cardigan looking like a onesie with his matching trousers!

BHI Workwear registered early on, grabbed a coffee and barely had time to warm up before being ushered to an earlier tee time with the two Kev’s from STEL.
Over all the round was steady and enjoyable playing with the STEL lads for the first time and as we birdied the last hole our optimising grew having carded a respectable 76 points.

The Course took some balls - If you find any Drop them off at BHI Workwear please! The Course took some balls - If you find any Drop them off at BHI Workwear please!

While taking our first well-earned gulps of beer we sat back fairly confident that both BHI Workwear and STEL had combined to be in with a shout for the prizes.
That changed rapidly as Mark let us know that the winning score was 87.
“Bandits” was the cry and with some justification the wind made some of the already difficult holes extremely challenging yet someone had put a score in that would mean at least two of their players must have played out of their skins.

A Great Day out for the boys at BHI Workwear

Regardless of the counting skills of some of the teams the day was a great success and one BHI Workwear hopes is repeated year after year.
The SME boys had done a great job to say it was their first event, we’ll definitely be involved next year.

For those who may not have known what the event was in aid of had only to listen to Mark and Bob from the Samaritans during the speeches. The suicide rate is rising for a wide variety of reasons across mainly demographics and the Samaritans receive a call every 6 seconds from people some could consider desperate and in great pain who need to speak to someone who will listen. Someone who will not judge or chastise, just listen to what the anonymous caller has to say.

BHI Workwear support the Samaritans as a cause and as Bob said some people view donating to them as “an investment in the future” as no-one knows if they will need them in the days, weeks or years to come.

We met some great people during the event and have offered our support with regards to providing personalised and logo’d clothing, corporatewear, workwear, uniforms, banners, signage and other merchandise for next year and other events both SME and the Samaritans undertake moving forward.

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