Why BHI do things differently

Well we’re on another day where BHI can pass on a little wisdom so let’s begin with a rather insightful quote which is timeless: “If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” – Zig Ziglar

Building trust in business is not easy, it takes time to cultivate, curate and mature before your business is able to reap the fruits of your labour on a continued basis – this is one of the arts of good business: Ensuring the exchange is repeatable.
So many companies go for the kill, they are only interested in the next sale – this strategy practically ensures the law of diminishing returns and the decimating effects it has on those short-term business operations.
Why kill the sheep when you can sheer it year on year as it were?

Conversely Losing trust can be accomplished in seconds inflicting a mortal wound to businesses or at the very least harm them to the point where the ability to re-built trust is essentially eradicated – See Gerald Ratner’s quotes about his own jewellery brand which pretty much closed his business as no one had any further trust in him or his wares.
BHI works like a machine - all the cogs are lined up
It could be argued that trust is a benefit and we know people buy benefits yet there are quite a few business’s who seemingly neglect building or at least maintaining trust as a long-term strategy.
These operations must believe there is no long-term market for their products essentially evaluating they must act once and move on to different markets.
However, I suspect that a great deal of company’s do not even factor the requirement to build trust as they continue to catabolise their chosen market, clients and potential clients.

Short term approaches are sound in certain circumstances (expedited timescale) however to operate a business entirely under a short-term strategy seldom works out in the long-term, by definition.

What is more concerning, as highlighted above, is a great deal of businesses are perhaps not even aware at a strategic level they are embarking on a short-term sales strategy because if they did they would course correct in short order.
This may be the result of negligence, inexperience, piggybacking or insufficient feasibility studies.

The idea of securing the next sale at all costs should be rightly considered myopic if it is at the potential cost of securing the next 100 sales with the engaged company.
As I stated above why kill the sheep when you can sheer it year on year if you handle it with due care and attention and nurture the business.

This short-term thinking is linked with a vision, a core concept to which most people are aware of as it’s ingrained in them.
The concept of the “sharp” second hand cars salesman trying to move product as soon as he can, is imbedded in most people whether they have first hand experience or not and if they experience this type of transaction, they will not use him or the company again – no repeat business.

Building relationships based upon trust – doing what you say you will do and when - is critical to long term prosperity for businesses.

Sales people are adept at making people like them, but the great ones cultivate and curate relationships because they value them.
This trust increases the percentage rate of repeat business hence the longer-term benefit to the sales person and the provider they work for.

People buy benefits, but they also buy (into) people – Build trust to build your business.

BHI have these philosophies ingrained right through our core from top to bottom – like Blackpool Rock.
The ethos is based upon customer service however it goes much deeper than that – every company professes great service when things are going swimmingly its when “mistakes” or “errors” occur that truly defines great service.

What makes BHI different is the extra work we will put into correcting these mistakes or delays.
It will cost us time and resources, especially if we have been let down by our suppliers, to put things right.
We will, without fail, go that extra two miles to put things right because we value our clients and customers – we do not take them for granted in such a competitive market.

We are not judged on our successful transactions we are judged on our unsuccessful ones as there are so few.

The PPE, workwear and safety industry is competitive by nature but how many of these company’s delivery solutions, value, service and peace of mind?

I suspect you could count them on one hand – So why not count on BHI to deliver for you.