BHI Risk Assessment Service

BHI offer a comprehensive risk assessment training service

As you will no doubt be aware we live a blame culture or more pertinently where there is blame there is a claim culture.
From this issue, which isn’t always malevolent but can be damaging, we are met with strict regulations that if navigated correctly allow each company and employer to mitigate against injury at work and negligence claims.
In short, we’re talking about risk assessments.

There is a strange aura surrounding the concept of risk assessments and one which can be polarising, some people think it’s overkill where as others go full on fascist with their interpretation of the regulations.

There is a much more objective view to take and one that really we all should look at for the better health and wellbeing of the workforce operating in various environments and the bottom line of the business.
These are not necessarily mutually exclusive.


Looking after the wellbeing of staff is actually mutually beneficial for all parties concerned and could enhance the bottom line in terms of productivity and by insulating the business against negligence claims because of no risk assessments or lacklustre ones.

Don’t fall foul of outdated views on risk assessments

There is still resistance to the idea of risk assessments and risk assessment training even with the huge amount of data, case law, anecdotal evidence and those irritating personal injury claim advertisements during your favourite TV programmes.

The resistance is based on fallacies such as “I don’t have the time” or “I’ll take a gamble, what are the odds of the H&S inspector showing up?”

These notions are fallacious as they are not based on solid reasoning.

Is it solid that someone you employ won’t drop something on their toe? Won’t lift something at a height that is beyond reasonable restrictions?
Not look where they are walking and trip over something? Slip or fall because someone else spilt a liquid?

There are much worse scenarios especially if the business is industrial or has heavy machinery located in close proximity to workers.

In reality those two notions of no time and gambles are actually redundant and can be easily counted by:
“how much time will you have when you face fines or other instruments that will close your business?”
“Do you have the time to face a judge and possible jury for negligence or worse criminal negligence?”
“What if the inspector doesn’t show up but there is still a fall or incident when someone you employ is injured and you do not have an up to date risk assessment? Do you have the money to pay a fine and or settle out of court for a huge fee based upon the injuries?”
“Can you afford not to take the time and mitigate against issues you may not have identified?”

BHI will train your staff to perform assessments

Initiating risk assessments is a cost saving exercise in the long run and should be viewed as an investment against the law of unintended consequences.
Paying for essential risk assessments are a great tool to rely on in your defence should incidents ever go to court.
At that time they will become invaluable to your business and may just keep the lights one by not invalidating your insurance policies leaving the directing parties liable for damages.

An even better solution would be hiring an outside agent to train your staff in risk assessment so you don’t have to contract third parties every time you engage in new activities.

BHI offer such a service and one that you cannot afford not to take advantage of when it could save hundreds of thousands of pounds and the people you employ from injuries.

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Our experienced health and safety officer will comprehensively give you the tools to ensure you should never be exposed to these types of risk again.

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