A Better Way to Order

In a dynamic landscape of change how do business operations capitalise on the best solutions available?
It’s a perpetual question.
Every firm is looking for the “silver bullet” to take them to the next level in an almost grandiose “look at us” type of fashion which is commendable as every firms needs to look to the future to ensure their existence.
However, in the rush to be first in new tech or communications there is a little internal housekeeping which is often over looked.

What is the point of presenting to the world how great a company is if the fundamentals are lacking and operating inefficiently?
There could be a short fall which could tarnish the brand perception if not acted upon swiftly.
All the ducks need to be lined up ideally, but we don’t live or work in an ideal world, do we?

Every company, no matter what industry they operate in have suppliers and it is imperative these suppliers deliver the goods when requested to enable the purchasing company to perform.
It could be a paper supplier, it could be a workwear supplier, or it could be a large raw materials supplier.
It doesn’t matter, the objective is still the same, the goods are required and they need to be delivered by a specific date.

That’s the idealist view – in reality how many suppliers deliver when expected?
How many mistakes or errors occur?
What is the true cost of the delays and mistakes to the buyer?


What if there is a better way, a better format to place orders with complete oversight and accountability?

A Simple interface or portal that allows customers greater control over what, where, when and how?
An online service which will effectively eradicate up to 90% of mistakes, errors and delays when placing orders?
If you are wondering about the remaining 10% this encapsulates the errors outside of normal controls such as transport delays, Unforeseeable stock issues, state issues, Acts of God, human error etc.
All foreseeable elements should be identified, and the customer informed to help manage expectations.

There are a great deal of suppliers who have instigated systems like this for their customers to allow for greater efficiency.
If a supplier is dealing in expensive materials, perishable goods or time sensitive elements it makes commercial sense to do this for both sides.

However how many PPE, Workwear and safety supply companies offer this service?
Not many, yet the products are essential for their customers operations prescribed by law.

Without the correct PPE (personal Protective Equipment) companies either cannot operate, or they run the risk of severe liabilities should one of their workforce be injured.

Ordering PPE, workwear and uniforms occupies a small percentage of the buyer’s responsibilities, but it can quickly take hours and even days trying to get things right at the cost of the other tasks that buyer need to be undertaking.
This is only the ordering side – when the deliveries are wrong or delayed that causes major problems at the receiving end.
Departments who expect to have X product by Y date and have planned accordingly will have to make contingency plans to mitigate the disruption.
This may seem a slight issue however any delays will have a knock-on effect which will result in a cost most likely to the client rather than the supplier.
It can be extremely stressful, even more so if the supplier appears to not care or is dismissive.

This begs the question: Is there is a better way, a better format to place orders with complete oversight and accountability?


BHI have developed an online ordering system which places the control in the hands of the client to order at will. The system has a full reporting structure to allow for individual cost centres to evaluate spending over a given period.
Every product or service can be added to the client list with all variants displayed for easy order building.
BHI offer a bespoke “man pack” service for easy distribution of workers orders – For a buyer this is a god send as we will package up all their garments into a sealed bag with identifiers for easy handouts removing the chaos.

The Objective is to remove the obstacles of placing orders, reduce the time and allow complete reporting after the fact.
BHI have produced a great way to ensure continuity of supply, full disclosure, better expectation management and clarity for the client’s benefit.

Let BHI do the leg work, you don’t have to.

To find out more call 0333 101 4030 or email sales@bh-i.com