The Best Embroidery & Print Logos on Workwear or Uniform Clothing

Check the quality of the embroidery & print on workwear before you commission work

It’s about time for a new update from BHI Workwear and this time it’s something that will benefit those customers or potential customers looking to replicate and reproduce their firm’s logos in embroidery or print on their workwear garments.
What do you as a buyer need to look for to ensure that there are no nasty surprises when the uniform or workwear clothing is delivered purporting to be the finished article?
It may seem obvious but as work wear and uniform suppliers we are still amazed with the number of new customers we sign up who are not happy with their company logo reproduction on their uniforms and work clothing.
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BHI Workwear supply some of the world’s leading brands with their uniforms and work clothing professionally embroidered BHI Workwear supply some of the world’s leading brands with their uniforms and work clothing professionally embroidered

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This may principally be down to the lack of visual proofs being created in both printed files and embroidery PDF’s or even fabric swatches for more in-depth consideration.
These pre-action methods allow for changes to be made if necessary to the embroidery & print before the application to the uniform garments commence. It also demonstrates the projected quality of the artwork which will go some way to assuring the client is going to be happy with the finished work

Always ask for embroidery proofs before application to your uniforms

There is another primary reason for poor artwork applications to client workwear uniforms and that is the limitation of the equipment they use and the designers tasked with the creation and ultimate logo application.
This is more common place than is often thought and we know of a workwear clothing supplier who go around pontificating that they have a great “in house” embroidery team which works on all their uniforms before shipping the “finished” garments to the clients.

The only problem is their “in house” designers or embroidery equipment is limited in their quality output which then makes the customer question the work and then naturally the price.
While BHI does house the print facilities “in-house” in one of our premises we often use a specialist embroiderer located nearby to professionally produce the logo’s to the highest quality, after all this is what they do for a business all day every day.

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The moral of this post is simple and straight forward always request to see proofs before you commit to the logo application this way you can see the level of quality proposed and if it does not measure up afterwards you have a strong case for a refund under action taken for miss reputation.

BHI Workwear will always provide you with the full artwork prior to application and if necessary we will produce a fabric swatch so you can see and feel the quality if in any doubt.
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