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One of the most rewarding parts of my job is securing a quote for work clothing then converting it to a sale. There are firms out there who may profess to have a secret, to know how to sell into people regardless of what products they are offering but the truth is all these gimmicks are just smoke and mirrors. Successful selling comes when all the requisite parts are fulfilled and the rapport with the potential new client is cemented in trust.

Of course this is easier said than done however at Regatta Workwear we have very simple straight forward actions to ensure that we give each quote our fullest attention and try to cater for every need and requirement the client has asked for, not to sell them products with the biggest margin or clothing they won’t need.The Hardwear Range: Brand NEW Workwear
Our philosophy is not to secure the next sale but the next 100 sales from each customer and that is only possible by building trust from the first phone call to the successful first delivery date of their workwear order. There are no guarantees they will come back for a second time but if you complete the job in good time with no hassle and the price is right the question is why wouldn’t they come back to you the second, third or fourth time?

Barring any mistakes which were not dealt with, there should be a trust between you both which can hopefully develop because with a keen eye for detail we become their supplies who solve problems not create them and this becomes a major plus point.

Workwear clothing like face fitting and health and safety training can be a problem that sits on someone’s desk, a problem which needs solving usually pretty quickly. Where we differ from a lot of online suppliers is our knowledge of the workwear clothing industry and what products are best suited to certain applications whether that is certification or performance based on environmental factors. We listen to the customers’ requirements, their needs and offer several options which can vary in price as well as performance. They can then see exactly what their money will get them.

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Essentially the key to a lot of customer’s problems can be summed up in this short parable, “when a man walks into a DIY store looking for a drill, are they looking for a drill? No, they are looking for a hole in the wall” this is an accurate assessment of most peoples problems and work uniforms are no different.
We recently had a new customer who wanted to revamp their image and needed something functional with great styling to give the impression they were dynamic and modern rather than stuck in the past with their garments. Regatta workwear fit the bill perfectly with a great array of softshell jackets and fleeces which thanks to great design and styling piqued the customer’s attention significantly. We quickly mocked up some images with logo’s as crude proofs to emphasise what the jackets and softshells will look like and they loved the idea.

Another customer had a few products he had seen on our website and was looking for decisive factors to choose between them and for once the price wasn’t the issue it was performance, the products were softshells and the main focus was waterproof versus water resistance and which one to choose for their workforce.

In reality the nature of the water proofing was not as significant as he thought thanks to a quick explanation into what the Regatta fabrics can cope with in real world situations as opposed to laboratories. This decision actually cost us money because the water resistant softshell was cheaper than the alternative however remember I said it’s not about the next sale it’s about the next 100? We fulfilled his requirements, his hole in the wall if you will and he was happy with the service knowing we were not foisting him the more expensive clothing it was about the best product for his requirements at the best price. This simple principle is key to our success and while we climb the search rankings we are steadily building a loyal customer base who can rest easy in the knowledge we will try to meet their needs rather than ours.

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Today price is always a concern for buyers in all firms however the more astute or experienced ones know that cheap is not always the best approach. Customers want to secure the best workwear clothing at the best prices.

We have heard so many cases of people buying the cheap option only to have to replace them so many more times than they would have had with the more expensive option. Work boots are the main culprit however more often it’s jackets and Polo shirts which are chosen purely on price, the one adage as far as work clothing is concerned would be “you get what you pay for” and if you opt for the cheap option you could end up spending more over a given period of time. Build quality and materials play a very big part in whether workwear has longevity or not.
I’m sure I will write something about this principle in due course.

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