Are You Buying the Best Hi Vis Workwear For Your Firm?

The Easy Way to buy High Visibility Workwear Clothing Online

Buying high visibility workwear clothing online should be easy enough to complete for any buyer, but are you getting the best deal on your order? This question is wide open not just for hi vis clothing, but also for workwear in general.

How would you know? Well, the prudent buyers will probably spend several minutes trawling online suppliers looking at product codes versus prices to see which would, at least on the face, offer the best value. However, does this really guarantee good value or service, or even savings in terms of buying the best hi viz work wear for your firm’s requirements?

The short answer is no.

Most work clothing buyers would agree that there is more to do to really secure the best products at the best prices, so how can we make this a short sharp exercise to minimise the effort, whilst at the same time making sure the customer has the best understanding about the potentially great high visibility work wear clothing they are about to order.

Ensuring You Buy the Best Value Hi Viz Work Wear Clothing

Initially, do not discount that your firm may already be getting a very good deal on their high visibility workwear clothing from their existing supplier, but it wouldn’t hurt to qualify this. So why not call a few suppliers either locally or online from a quick search, for the relevant search terms related to your requirements.

Order Great Hi Vis Waterproof Work Clothing online through BHI Workwear Order Great Hi Vis Waterproof Work Clothing online through BHI Workwear

Put them to the test and ask them to quote you a price for a hi viz garment you are currently using, then ask for an alternative both of better quality and which is more cost effective.
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The idea would be to ask for a great high visibility workwear jacket, durable waterproof hi vis work over trousers, and of course sturdy and cost effective Hi Viz vests and waistcoats with logos, as these are the products which tend to offer the highest turnover in terms of losses and damages. That considered, most firms will order many times more vest than almost any other high visibility work clothing. Hi Vis Vests and waistcoats are a great indicator to judge a supplier as these garments can often be overlooked or seen as a loss leader. Some work clothing suppliers tend to view vests and waistcoats as a necessary element to fulfil in order to get to the juicy, more profitable garments. Ultimately from a buyer's perspective, you would like to see real value added to these garments as this would demonstrate the suppliers' attention to detail, and the way they will approach all orders rather than just the big ones.
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Don’t stop there after obtaining the supplier’s attention; ask them for more information about the current products you are using and whether they are actually suited to your specific needs. This gives the opportunity for the supplier to expand on the area and really explore what your true needs are, rather than what you may believe or have been told by your existing supplier.

The objective of this part is to gauge the potential suppliers' understanding of your requirements, and also you as a new customer.

BHI Workwear supply the best Hi Vis clothing brands at the best prices

A great supplier will advise rather than sell into you, as they know that good business is repeat business and that only occurs when there is trust. Advising you on the best Hi Vis clothing for your requirements taking into account your budgetary restraints makes good business sense, and is actually a win-win for you as a buyer.

From a buyers perspective you will get to know more about your current supplier by speaking with competitors. You will know whether those "great" High Visibility Vests, Jackets and Trousers you have been ordering offer true value or are overpriced. More importantly as a buyer, you will know whether you have been sold products that you actually don’t need which as crazy as it sounds, does happen.

BHI Workwear Offer Complete User Trials on all High Visibility Uniforms

BHI have seen countless cases where new prospects have called us regarding specific High Visibility workwear clothing, only for us to enquire a little more as to why they want that particular garment, and discovering that they believe it is the only option their company can use. This is only true in very small instances and only then if the requirements are specific. For example, Rail Spec Hi Vis work clothing or Multi-norm Hi Vis Yellow Jackets are either made to order, or are part of a tender contract.
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Great Real Spec Hi Vis Jackets and waterproofs to buy online through BHI Workwear Great Real Spec Hi Vis Jackets and waterproofs to buy online through BHI Workwear

On the whole, all Hi Vis work clothing will have alternatives which will either be of better quality or more cost-effective. Depending on what each individual firm requires, there should be at least four or five alternatives and more combinations which can offer better solutions.

Calling and checking once in a while will give your firm a better understanding of the high visibility clothing industry, and whether you are receiving the best service and value for your money, making it very prudent to perform simple due diligence.

Of course there is the negative side of switching suppliers which are seldom known and only discovered once the decision has been made. Moving workwear clothing suppliers can have detrimental effects which also need to be considered, so how would you know you get the best service as well as the best Hi Viz alternatives?

Simple, ask for user trials.

This is imperative if your firm is large, as you will need to make sure the alternative products are viable in the work place prior to placing a large order, avoiding the possibility of it becoming apparent that all is not well within a short time.

Contact BHI Workwear's Specialists

Ask the BHI Workwear sales team about user trials on all our High Visibility Uniforms and workwear clothing. We are supremely confident that our Hi Vis Clothing will meet the necessary requirements with ease. We will support larger firms with user trials, allowing for real evidence to be gathered on the clothing before you place the larger order.

Okay, so this may be a pitch at how “great” BHI workwear is, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true, so why not call us to find out? Without risk, you will at the very least know whether the High Visibility uniforms you have been buying are on the same level. Give us a call direct on 0333 101 4030 or send us an email at

If you would like to order the best workwear clothing online in the UK call us or email your requirements.