2014 Fleece Price Update

We will keep Fleece Price Update front and centre

Well we’re into the full swing of 2014 now the cold wet and distinctly British weather is here and looking decidedly unpleasant considering we historically receive the full force of the metrological conditions from the yanks a few weeks after them, they’re having a bit of a chilly time of it at present. We may see a watered down, pardon the pun, version of the Polar vortex on these shores quite soon.

BHI Workwear will keep an eye on the Fleece Price Update.

2014 is going to be a year of known known’s, unknown known’s and unknown unknown’s and before I go off sounding like old Uncle Donald “Cuddles” Rumsfeld there is some merit in this outlook.

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Being serious for a moment, there are some big changes heading towards to the clothing industry which will take effect from the middle part of the year. One of these changes will be the perceived increase in the cost of fleece garments which for a company like Regatta Workwear will be a little unsettling but nothing we cannot deal with given the right planning, a little good fortune and clarity for our customers.

In April 2013 the Rana Plaza Building collapsed in Savar, a district of Dhaka the Bangladeshi capital.

The building was a commercial hub for textile and fabric factories for a great deal of western brands. The collapse was due to alleged poor construction and building mismanagement which resulted in over 1100 deaths and more than 2500 people being injured. While there were culpable parties at fault at all levels this incident should not have happened and should not have resulted in such catastrophic loss of life.

Social change can directly affect the price of work wear clothing

This horrific incident was the catalyst for a distinct level of social change in the country where many western companies were seen as being exploitative to the local workers which has resulted in many companies pulling out of Bangladesh completely and looking to set up in China or India.

While Regatta had no involvement in this incident or the political and social changes the results have still affected our ability to produce certain clothing at the same costs prior to the building collapse.

The area of Savar has long produced clothing and textiles for the European market and some of those textiles were fleece jackets, fleece inners and other manmade loped fabric workwear clothing.


With the social change has come a fast wave of cost increases and threats which has resulted in companies pulling out production operations from Bangladesh and looking elsewhere to set up and in the meantime some companies have over paid existing factories in China and India as well as the Philippines and Malaysia to meet their domestic demands. The direct costs of this were orders from other companies being scrapped or postponed so the factories can maximise profits on the back of such an incident. This has meant that the price for Fleece garments has increased and will increase further until the production can settle again.

In short the days of the £9.99 fleece are numbered and even more so for fleeces like the Barricades and Micro Fleeces.

We don’t know what the price increase will be as we have plenty of stock that was already produced or secured for production but when Regatta comes to re order we are expecting a little sting in the tail.


What does this means to the end user and existing customers of Regatta Workwear?

You have couple of options, you can pre order now and secure the current prices for the relevant workwear fleece jackets you prefer or you can look at the Regatta Softshell jackets ranges as a viable alternative.

The other option is to see how the lay of the land looks towards the middle of the year and then make a decision whether to buy regardless or look at other workwear options.

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