The New 2014 Hardwear Range

Regatta’s new Trade Work wear range: Hardwear

It’s still early days but we have just seen the samples for the new Regatta Hardwear products which are due to be launched in August 2013 in time for the autumn and the undoubtedly cold, cold 2014 winter.
The Hardwear range was launched last year to relatively small fanfare but still managed to shift significant product because of the equity in the Regatta name, this year there will be advancements and a slight reshuffle in some of the workwear clothing in the range. There is a new fleece option as well as two jackets which look particularly smart and functional.

There is a pair of workwear trousers which is a significant move for Regatta as we tend to create waterproof and weather resistant jackets and body wear as a primary focus. We have however seen fit to include a more durable leg wear option to compete with other brands who concentrate on their workwear trousers range and they look very good on first inspection.  They have the 80/20 mix of polyester and cotton fabrics making them water resistant and have additional pockets for tools and fasteners & fixings. They have kneed pads which extra robustness and are triple stitched at key areas.Regatta Professional

Regatta Hardwear is tough and durable and ideal for abrasive work sites

I will of course be writing and creating content reviewing these products in due course this is a step in the right direct to take on the big names in the industry but we will be the first to admit this process is a journey not a destination.
There is a palpable sense that these new Hardwear garments will advance the Regatta name further into the workwear clothing market based significantly upon design and performance, this will be key in projecting the brand message that Regatta are not just known for outdoor clothing, they should be known for their work clothing just the same.

While other workwear clothing brands concentrate almost exclusively on trousers and a few upper body options these brands only spend a relatively small amount of their research and design budgets on a small and select range waterproof clothing which is bizarre especially if you live in northern Europe. You only have to look out of the window in the UK it’s nearly June and we have the heaters on and I will be wearing a much needed waterproof jacket when I walk to the car later. The point is simple the necessity to have clothing which can excel in the unpredictable weather while also handling the graft and stresses of a working environment is clearly there yet a viable option which has the prerequisites of performance and price seems to be scarce or very expensive.

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There are people who obviously use specialised jackets which can cost a small fortune or are provided their outdoor workwear by their employers however there seems to be a gap which Regatta have identified and need to exploit aggressively. We need to educate and inform the individual buyers and the larger firms who kit out hundreds of employees of the far better economies and return on investment we can offer.
The Regatta workwear website will be one place we can help raise awareness and help at the same time to ensure we provide a great service and actually meet consumer’s needs rather than leave them wanting and suffering buyer’s remorse.

The new Hardwear clothing will go some way to creating a tangible presence as they are built with great waterproofing properties as well as more advanced durable components which increases the resistance to abrasions and dirt making the jackets in particular fantastic work clothing when exposed to the elements.  Our aim should be to create a synonymous link between Regatta and the term “workwear” and cover a great deal of different professions and not simply craftsmen or tradesmen job roles but every sector of the working population who need a warm, waterproof jacket without costing the earth to buy. This final point is a key area of success we have traditionally always followed and we don’t see a need to change moving forward. In today’s haphazard wastrel economy the need to be fragile yet agile is paramount, people do not want to buy a jacket or a pair of trousers for a work function for example only to find a better option at the same price or cheaper. People also don’t want to buy workwear clothing which is needed for a specific task and find they have to pay over the odds.

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The marriage of value and performance is a tricky collaboration at the best of times and the need to improve on previous innovation is a tricky mistress one many brands fail to maintain and satisfy.
At Regatta we are striving to improve on the past accolades not out of arrogance but in necessity and as a result we have found that some of our products have actually fallen in price. An example would the TRJ322 Workwear action trousers and the TRJ330 New Action trousers which will be replacing the older style.
Strange that these improvements would actually save you money huh? This is not the only product or range where this is prevalent but will suit for a current example.
The Regatta X-PRO range is packed with innovation and year on year the new assets we have developed for the X-PRO jackets can be deployed the next year in wider applications thusly reducing the overall costs which can be directly passed to customers.

The long and short of it is Regatta produce great workwear clothing capable of handling the weather and have the design and build quality able to cope with the strains of serious working conditions and offer these products at prices which will not leave a nasty taste in your mouth and all you have to do is take a quick browse of our site or call 0333 101 4030 during office hours or leave a voicemail and we will call you back. We can assist you fully and our team of experts will fill in the gaps and allow you to make the right choice. If you need your company logo’s please ask as we offer embroidery and printing on the waterproof jackets and softshells.

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Regatta offer a full logo service including embroidery & print

Regatta offer embroidery and heat sealed printing logo on all our outdoor workwear clothing – call us today to secure the best pricing for you company brand icons to be applied to your work wear or uniform order. We offer FREE logos on all jackets and softshells in return for an endorsement from your company call us to find out more 0333 101 4030 or follow the link to find out more about all our embroidered workwear clothing