Dedicated Account Managers

Buying workwear clothing, Uniforms, PPE and associated products has been around since Adam was a lad with the simple principle of buyer needing a seller to guide and advise on which products to source for their specific requirements.

Today that principle is often side-lined in favour of other approaches which concentrate purely on price. These approaches have hidden costs which are often overlooked or not identified until it’s too late.

Therefore should a customer look at price purely as a guide as to what workwear or uniform to buy?

No, because there is a very important element missing which will allow for a more informed decision process – information.

BHI Workwear have built a great reputation for their advisory role in communicating with our customers and clients which allows for a more rounded approach as to which work wear products are best suited for specific requirements.

Price should never be used as the main decision making element alone each customer will need very simple yet clear details in order to make a truly informed decision and this is where account managers are worth their weight in gold.

The idea is not to make the sale at all costs it’s about building trust and that only comes from great advice and knowledge about each product and their alternatives to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and confident.

BHI Workwear have dedicated account managers who will guide and assist with one objective in mind; to offer solutions to a customer’s specific requirements which falls within the budgetary constraints without effecting performance.

There is nothing worse than someone who does not know the products they are suppling as this leads to conflict and lost business which is why we strive to have the highest level of product knowledge available.

If we do not know the answers posed we will not flannel we will go away and find out to ensure that we always operate of the best available information.

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